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Chemical Response and Terrorism Preparedness Group

The Virginia Chemical Terrorism Response and Preparedness (CT) laboratory was one of the original four State Laboratories identified in 1998 to provide support to the CDC in the detection of exposure of humans to chemical warfare agents. This laboratory continues to support the CDC in this capacity and maintains proficiency in testing clinical specimens (i.e. blood and urine) for chemical warfare agents (i.e. nerve agent, mustard gas, blister agents, and cyanide). This group is also actively involved in improving these methods and developing new methods to detect these and other highly toxic agents in water, food, vegetation and other environmental samples. In addition to providing laboratory support in terrorism investigations, this group also supports federal and state environmental and law enforcement groups in environmental crime and hazardous material investigations throughout the Commonwealth. To accomplish this mission, the CT staff provide chemical testing consultation and service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Recently the CT laboratory was designated as a Regional Level III Laboratory responsible for supporting other states with training and chemical agent testing service.


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