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Food, Feed and Fertilizer Group

The Food, Feed and Fertilizer Group largely performs tests to insure that the general public is protected from possible health hazards, fraudulent and/or potentially dangerous products, and to monitor exposure to possible environmental safety concerns.

The Feed and Fertilizer section of this group performs testing to assist state agencies in monitoring regulated animal feeds, fertilizers, and limestone to ensure consumers get what they pay for. This involves testing products awaiting sale for labeled nutrient guarantees such as protein, fat, fiber, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, chlorine, and sulfur content. Microscopic analysis of labeled ingredients of feeds and fertilizers is also performed to determine adulteration or misbranding of products. Microscopic analysis may also be used to identify asbestos fibers in insulations / building materials, and provide scientists analytical direction for investigations of unknown "white powder."

Food Chemistry provides testing to ensure the quality of foods we eat. This may entail such things as testing for toxins (i.e. aflatoxins and histamine) and food additives in food products, identifying the species of meats, and confirming honey and syrup authenticity. Food samples may be examined for adulteration and/or tampering, which may include performing physical, chemical and microbiological assays. Milk, dairy products and potable water is also tested for bacterial contamination.


Virginia Department of Agriculture
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Department of Health
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Food and Drug Administration

Colisure Quanti-tray Reading Filtration of Water Samples

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