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  Newborn Screening Services  

Newborn screening is one of the Commonwealth's most successful disease prevention systems. The DCLS - Newborn Screening Laboratory partners with the VA Department of Health (VDH) to ensure infants born with the following disorders are rapidly identified and treated. The laboratory provides test collection kits, sample transport service, sample preparation, initial screening, repeat and confirmation testing. Screening is completed using the latest technologies, including tandem mass spectrometry. Expected turn-around-time for producing "Normal" lab reports is 24 hours from initiation of test and 48 hours for "Abnormal" reports. Once an "at-risk" newborn is identified, VDH/Newborn Screening Services provides immediate follow-up, consultation and treatment options for parents and health care providers. Rapid identification and treatment can prevent mental and physical impairments such as: delayed growth and development, reoccurring infections, blindness, intellectual disability, and possibly death. 

In keeping with the nationally recommended screening panel, as defined by the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders, Virginia has mandated (Virginia Code 32.1-65) that every child born within the Commonwealth must be screened for the following twenty-nine disorders: More Info

In January 2017, DCLS screened  8,365 babies for 29 metabolic and hereditary disorders.  Three hundred thirty-six (336) babies were confirmed diagnosed with a critical disorder or with a carrier status during the month.


2 Cystic fibrosis (CF)
3 Cystic Fibrosis Carrier (CF Carrier)
34 Hemoglobin Barts (FAB) 
51 Hemoglobin Variants (FAB) 
5 Galactosemia Carrier (GALT Carrier)
1 Galactosemia, Duarte DD (GALT DD) 
 1 Galactosemia, Duarte DG (GALT DG)
1 Glutaric academia type I (GA-1) 
51 Hemoglobin C-Carrier (Hb F,AC) 
1 Hemoglobin C-Disease (Hb F,C) 
8 Hemoglobin D-Carrier (Hb F,A,D)
7 Hemoglonin E-Carrier (Hb F,A,E)
171 Hemoglobin S-Carrier (Hb F,A,S) 



ATTENTION – All who attended the October 21, 2016 NBS Conference. Follow these instructions to claim your continuing education credits and receive your certificate 

DCLS hosted a Kick-off Meeting on May 25th to highlight the activities of the NewSTEPS 360 Grant Project and engage hospitals that will serve as pilot sites for the implementation of electronic data exchange for newborn screening orders and results.


Presentation slides from Virginia’s NewSTEPs 360 Project Kick-off Meeting are available below.

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Newborn Screening Release 

DCLS will provide copies of patient reports to citizens as required by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  Please print the following documents and submit the request to DCLS to receive a copy of your test results report.

 Authorization and Consent for the Release of Medical Records - Instructions

 Authorization and Consent for the Release of Medical Records

Sickle Cell Screening Release 

Requests for sickle cell screening results, in response to NCAA requirements for college athletes, must be submitted using the DCLS release form provided below. Please note that these releases will require the signature of the student (or their parent, if student is a minor) AND the signature and stamp of a notary, to insure the authentication of the request . Release forms can be sent to DCLS by mail at the address provided on the form or faxed to 804-225-2595. Please allow 2 weeks for the newborn screening laboratory to research the requested results.

Sickle Cell Screening Release Form

Parent Brochure

 NEW Parent Brochure





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