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Sample Kit Ordering, Collection & Shipping

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The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) receives and processes specimen/sample collection kit orders submitted by DCLS customer activities from throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. The types of collection kit orders include those for newborn screening, clinical, environmental, and the Drinking Water Fee-for-Service Program. DCLS customer activities include hospitals, health departments, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regional offices within the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Office of Water Programs field offices.

Kit orders are submitted to DCLS via mail, fax, telephone, and walk-in.

Customer invoices for Drinking Water Fee-for-Service Program kits are generated quarterly by DCLS and mailed to DCLS customers upon receipt of electronic files from the Office of Water Program field offices. All kit orders are processed through an automated kit management system. Each kit order that is shipped includes sample collection and shipment instructions for each type of kit included in the order.

Samples are shipped to DCLS via the DCLS contract courier service (over 250 sites), UPS, FEDEX, and the U.S. Postal Service. Some local DCLS customers deliver samples directly to DCLS. When shipping samples to DCLS, each DCLS customer must comply with all applicable Federal and Commonwealth of Virginia rules and regulations pertaining to packaging biohazardous samples, environmental samples, chain-of-custody samples, and all materials, in the appropriate manner mandated for transportation. The courier service will not pick up any specimens/samples that are not contained in sturdy, sealed, and properly addressed containers, nor containers that are damaged or leaking fluids. The address on each container must be legible and include the complete address of the DCLS laboratory to which the specimen/sample is being shipped. Containers shipped via the courier service may not exceed 70 pounds. The courier run occurs in the evening. Couriers are licensed and bonded.

The implementation of additional courier sites requires modification of the courier service contract. The cost of an additional site must be born by the requesting activity. Each request to add a new courier site must include the desired date of implementation and information concerning building access or lockbox requirements. In addition, it must identify a site representative (name and telephone number) and a complete billing address. Requests to add additional courier sites should be forwarded to:

Sample Support Service Group Manager
Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
600 N. 5th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Specimen/sample collection and shipment instructions are provided for your use. Please select from one or more of the following:

  Drinking Water Sample Collection Guide

  Lead and Copper Sampling Notice

Adobe PDF  Rabies Specimen Submission Protocol

  Viral Isolation Kit Collections Influenza and Other Viruses

  Sentinel Flu Provider Instructions

  Sentinel Flu Provider PSP Instructions



1. Requirements for specific types and quantities of specimen/sample collection kits at the health departments, hospitals, physicians' offices, dental offices, and DEQ regional offices are determined by the individual needs of those DCLS customer activities. Collection kit orders to meet these requirements are forwarded to DCLS via mail, fax, and telephone as required.

2. Requirements for environmental testing sample collection kits under the Drinking Water Fee-for-Service Program for public water systems are determined by the appropriate Office of Drinking Water (ODW) field offices. Collection kit orders to meet these requirements are forwarded to DCLS quarterly by the ODW field offices via electronic file transfer.

3. When specimen/sample collection kits are ordered from DCLS, they are to be used solely for the purpose of submitting specimens/samples to DCLS for analysis. They are not to be used for submission of specimens/samples to commercial laboratories.

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