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2016 CPSM, Revision 0

The 2016 Edition of the CPSM, Revision 0, is the current edition of the Construction & Professional Services Manual.  This edition/revision became effective April 20, 2016.  (See DEB Notice 042016 for a summary of changes.)

Please also refer to the DEB Notices webpage.  DEB Notices further supplement or amend the requirements contained within the Manual. All applicable DEB Notices issued through April 20, 2016 have been incorporated, as appropriate, within this Manual revision.

Built-in search features and bookmarks/hyperlinks have been incorporated into the manual.  Please refer to the instructions posted below for assistance in using these features.

Please note:

1) Once the CPSM is displayed on screen, hold down the Shift Ctrl and F keys simultaneously to call up the Adobe search dialog box.  This will allow you to quickly search for specific text within the CPSM. 

2) Users may highlight text and add comments to downloaded copies of the 2014 CPSM.  In order to take advantage of these two features, users must first save a copy to their computer or tablet and then use the highlighting and commenting tools that Adobe provides.

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