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Construction & Professional Services Manual


The Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual (called the Manual, or CPSM) is published under the authority of §2.2-1132, Code of Virginia, as amended.  The Manual sets forth the standards, policies, terms, conditions, and procedures to be followed by Commonwealth of Virginia agencies and institutions in procuring professional design and construction services.

Versions of the CPSM posted on this website may be viewed, downloaded, and printed by the user (no fee required).  Pre-printed copies of the CPSM are no longer available.

2016 Edition - Rev 0

2014 Edition - Rev 1

2014 Edition - Rev 0

2013 Edition - Rev 0

2012 Edition - Rev 1

2012 Edition - Rev 0

2004 Edition - Rev 1

2004 Edition - Rev 0


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