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Virginia Building Construction Cost Database

The Virginia Building Construction Cost Database is a collection of project cost information maintained by BCOM.  Summary data from the database is provided for reference by Commonwealth of Virginia agencies for use when planning capital projects.  Periodic updates of this data will be posted on the BCOM website.
The posted summaries provide average construction costs for various building types.  These average construction costs are compiled from a number of comparable in-state and regional projects (comps) for each particular building type and include associated utilities and sitework costs, where applicable.  New building types will be added as needed.
This data is provided for general guidance.  Actual project-specific budgets recommendations for projects may deviate from these averages based upon site-specific issues and other project-unique conditions.
The database summary is organized as follows:
  ♦ Building Category (classroom buildings, lab buildings, etc.)
      • Building Type (dry labs, wet labs, etc)
          — New Construction
          — Renovation
          — 50/50 New-Renovation (part new construction and part renovation)
                · L, M, and H, descriptors that further refine the building types
                     (see the database notes for additional information)

Cost data has been compiled at a summary level; therefore, detailed information is not available for distribution.  Additional data input is welcome and should be addressed to .  The Bureau of Capital Outlay Management Cost Review staff are available to meet with state agencies at the schematic and preliminary review stages to discuss  project-specific cost issues and recommendations.  Please contact the Lead Reviewer for your agency to schedule a project cost discussion, if desired.

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