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BCOM Lead Reviewer & Cost Reviewer Agency Assignments

 Agency CodeSorted By Agency Code In Ascending OrderAgency NameLead ReviewerCost Reviewer
123Department of Military AffairsMatthew DuerksenMichael Gray
136Virginia Information Technologies AgencyAnne HookerRon Semel
146Science Museum of VirginiaMary HomRonald Semel
154Department of Motor VehiclesSandra WhiteheadRonald Semel
156Department of State PolicePatrick McDonoughRonald Semel
158Virginia Retirement SystemBill PisaMichael Gray
161Department of TaxationAnne HookerRonald Semel
165Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentMatthew DuerksenMichael Gray
171State Corporation CommissionAnne HookerRon Semel
172Virginia Lottery DepartmentAnne HookerMichael Gray
174Virginia College Savings PlanMary HomMichael Gray
181Department of Labor and IndustryMatthew DuerksenRonald Semel
182Virginia Employment CommissionAnne HookerRonald Semel
191Virginia Workers Compensation CommissionMatthew DuerksenMichael Gray
194Department of General ServicesAnne HookerRonald Semel
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To obtain Lead Reviewer or Cost Reviewer information for any agencies not listed, please call (804)786-3581 or e-mail

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