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The Construction & Professional Services Manual (CPSM) Seminar is a two-day seminar in application and use of the CPSM.  Registration is open to state agency personnel involved in the design and construction of capital outlay projects.  The seminar is also open to private sector design professionals and other interested parties such as local government personnel.

The Virginia Construction Contracting Officer (VCCO) Seminar is an advanced two-day seminar with emphasis on the procurement and management of the Commonwealth's design and construction contracts.  Registration for the VCCO Seminar is limited to state and local government personnel.  Upon completion of the CPSM and VCCO Seminars, attendees may sit for an examination to obtain certification as a VCCO.

To learn more about these seminars, click on the following links:


CPSM Seminars        VCCO Seminars

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