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Tent and Other Temporary Structure Permits

Permits are required for temporary structures. The category of “temporary structures” includes tents, temporary bleachers/grandstands, temporary stages/platforms, portable buildings, amusement devices, and other temporary structures.  

Permit Applications for tents and other temporary structures must be submitted to BCOM at least 14 calendar days prior to the event.

The proper permit application form to use for obtaining these permits is the CO-17-TMP, Application for Building Permit for Temporary Structure. This form is accessible through the BITS database. 

All other supporting documents (e.g., certificates of flame resistance, plans/sketches, etc.) may be:

  • emailed to the following address: , or
  • submitted via fax, (804)225-4709, or
  • mailed or otherwise delivered in hard copy to:

Bureau of Capital Outlay Management
1100 Bank Street, 6th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

For tents specifically, the following supporting documents are required as a minimum: 

  • Site Plan, showing tent location and adjacent structures *
  • Floor Plans, with Exits shown
  • Floor Plans, with Furnishing Layouts/Setups shown (e.g., tables, chairs, stages, food service, etc.)
  • Certificates of Conformance with NFPA 701 for Flame Resistance, if applicable 

For further information and for information on other temporary structures, it is recommended you contact the BCOM Lead Reviewer assigned to your agency to discuss the specific data and supporting documents which will be required.

* - Additional requirements regarding Site Plans:    
  • Temporary Structure Site Plans shall indicate distances from other occupied Buildings and Structures and the Use Group of these structures, if within 40 feet of the permit requested Temporary Structure. 
  • Indicate on Site Plan(s) other site occurring/affecting items, such as: general site slope(s) and ground cover, sidewalks, paths, stairs, ramps, wheelchair egress/access, roadways, drives, trees, bushes, landscaping, bodies of water, other temporary structures and site improvements.
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