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FICAS System for Facility Assessments

Contract Number: SRM07012009SS
Last Updated: 7/15/2015

This contract is for performing facility condition assessments consisting of, at a minimum, a visual assessment of the common building mechanical, electrical and exterior components in support of equipment/system life-cycle analysis and capital repair/replacement projections. The assessments include site visits to observe the buildings, sites and utility systems, interviewing building management and maintenance personnel, and reviewing available maintenance records, design and construction documents and plans. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the physical condition of the building equipment, systems, interior and exterior elements at each facility. The components are to be evaluated for condition, life expectancy, and replacement/repair costs. 

This contract is to aid agencies in performing facility condition assessments to be loaded into the FICAS system.

Contract Administrator: Shirley McNutt
Phone: 804-786-4538

Please review the all the documents below to understand how this contract operates.

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