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Monthly E-Mail Briefs

Thanks to feedback received in a 2013 survey, DRES is establishing new ways to communicate to our customers.  The majority of customers wanted e-mails alerts on a monthly basis and the first monthly e-mail went out in January 2014.  Below is the most recent e-mail brief, please see Archive for prior e-mails.

Making It Real DRES Update March 2016

March 15, 2016


Landlords/vendors must enroll in Cardinal

Effective February 1, 2016, the Department of General Services (DGS) and other agencies are required to use the Department of Accounts’ new statewide accounting system known as Cardinal. This change means that all vendors, including landlords, must be enrolled in Cardinal in order to get paid. 

As part of the set-up process, the landlord/vendor is required to complete the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 form (COVA W-9), which can be found on our website at this link
. The Internal Revenue Service allows the Commonwealth to create a substitute W-9 and to require its use; therefore this substitute W-9 is different than the W-9 you would find on the IRS website and the only one accepted by the Commonwealth’s statewide accounting system. 

When completing the COVA Substitute W-9:

• Make sure that the EIN or Social Security Number you provide in Box 1 of the form is identical to what is used in filing your tax return. The Commonwealth performs a cross check of the EIN/Social Security Number provided to ensure a match. Should it not match, the Cardinal set up will not occur.

• Pay close attention to the information you provide in the “Remittance address” box of the W-9. The information provided in this box should be the Remittance Name and the Remittance Address of who is to receive the business payment (i.e. Rent).

• Once completed, please email the Substitute W-9 to Debbie Burnette, DGS Fiscal Services, at and Lynda Capehart, DGS DRES Lease Administration, at


Please contact Debbie Burnette at 804-786-2076 if you have any questions regarding the

completion of the COVA Substitute W-9.


Maintenance Tracking Log is needed to document issues

Occupants in leased space are encouraged to speak directly with the landlord or their representative regarding routine maintenance services provided by the landlord. It is extremely important to document any communication with the landlord or landlord’s representative regarding any facilities or maintenance concerns.


DGS/DRES provides a Maintenance Issue Tracking Log for occupants to easily document these communications. For more information, or to download the tracking log, see the Occupant Handbook on our website.


If you believe the landlord is unresponsive or a significant event has occurred at your facility, contact the DRES Lease Administration Team and provide the Maintenance Issue Tracking Log. The DRES Lease Administration Team will use the communication record as a reference when corresponding with the landlord.



Process for disposing of surplus property outlined online


Have you ever wondered how property owned by state agencies ends up for sale by DGS/DRES?  Check out the newest addition to our website at this link, where we detail the process for disposing of surplus real estate.


While you’re there, you can browse the current listings.

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