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Office of Surplus Property Management


Virginia Surplus Property and Recycling - Frequently Asked Questions

What is “surplus property”?
Surplus property consists of all physical “personal” property (as opposed to “real” property such as land and buildings) that is determined to exceed the needs of state government by the management of a state agency or institution. Once property is declared to be surplus, it is reported to Surplus Property Management Office, regardless of its condition. It then qualifies for disposal (transfer, donation, and public sale) under Department of General Services policies and procedures, which are established in accordance with the Code of Virginia, Section 2.2-1124.   At the time an agency declares an item to be “surplus” – and at such time that the Surplus Property Management Office takes custody for its disposition – the State Controller has determined, through the Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual (CAPPS Manual), that the disposing agency may adjust its fixed asset inventory.

Who is eligible to obtain federal surplus property?
In accordance with federal regulations, federal surplus property is available to state and local government agencies and institutions, and to certain health, educational, and other qualified organizations. Detailed information is contained in the Virginia State Plan of Operation.

Who is eligible to purchase state surplus property?
State surplus property is available at any time to all state and local government offices, as well as to the qualified pool of donees that meets federal eligibility requirements, including certain non-profits and small businesses. These potential buyers may view and purchase first-class property at any time from our warehouse distribution centers. As time and resources permit, we also offer this property for sale to the general public. Interested public buyers can always view our auction schedule for the next sale opportunity.

How do you determine the price for property you sell?
Federal property is obtained through the federal donation program, and the only fees collected are service fees to cover the costs of warehousing and transportation in accordance with the Virginia State Plan of Operation. The Commonwealth’s surplus property program does not receive General Fund support; therefore, a nominal service charge is collected for the property we transfer. These fees are used to offset the cost to maintain an overall statewide surplus property program for agencies and other eligible customers that may not otherwise be able to efficiently dispose of their surplus property or afford much of the “like-new” used equipment we offer.
Service charges are marked on each Distribution Document and Invoice, (DGS Form 43-008) or the Transfer Document (GSA Standard Form 123), followed later by an invoice. The prices for state surplus property, which is offered in our warehouse distribution centers to eligible walk-in customers, are based on fair-market value assessments; these determinations are derived from comparisons with the prices for comparable federal property we have sold, recent public sale prices of similar items, and the fair and equitable price we can negotiate.
Prompt payment is essential. Therefore, delayed payment or failure to pay may result in withdrawal of a customer’s eligibility to use the program.

Where can I find information about public auctions of surplus property?
We frequently publish a schedule of public auctions on this site that includes details and photographs of the items being sold – especially equipment. You can also view our “online” internet auction activities here.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please contact us directly.

Who do I contact to process and turn in our surplus property and equipment?
The head of each Virginia agency and institution designates a Surplus Property Officer (SPO). You should first contact this individual about processing excess surplus equipment. The agency SPO will coordinate your surplus property turn-in and/or disposal requirements with the Surplus Property Management Office. However, if you need to contact the Office directly, we can be reached by phone at 804-236-3670 or e-mail,

Can a charitable non-profit 501(c)3 organization purchase state surplus property?
Certain non-profits are eligible to apply to obtain federal and state surplus property. In accordance with the Code of Virginia, our procedures permit surplus materials to be sold to Virginia charitable corporations granted tax-exempt status under § 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code and operating as clinics for the indigent and uninsured. These entities must be organized for the delivery of primary health care services (1) as federally qualified health centers designated by the Health Care Financing Administration, or (2) at a reduced or sliding fee scale or without charge. Our policies provide more information, as does our eligibility page. The Federal Surplus Property Eligibility Application also provides information to qualify for federal surplus property.

Can state employees purchase surplus property for personal use?
A $500 limit to purchasing surplus property applies to surplus property sales, such as auctions or internet sales, even if the State employee buyer works for a different agency than the selling agency.  Employees of the selling agency should not purchase property if they influence the maintenance, surplusing, pricing or disposition of the property item.  

How does our agency prepare our surplus PC’s and software for turn-in?
Because of software licensing requirements, all agency software and data must be removed from the hard drives of any computer being turned in. VITA standards are in place that determine how hard drives are to be wiped, and agencies can contact VITA to obtain current procedures and requirements. Also, VITA has a contract with Dyntek to recycle electronic equipment; agencies can recycle computer equipment through this contract if they choose.

How do I get to the surplus property warehouse to view state and federal property?
In Southwest Virginia we welcome our customers to visit our Wytheville warehouse at 135 Four and 1/2 Street. Our Richmond-area warehouse is located at 1910
Darbytown Road near Richmond International Airport off South Laburnum Road in the East End.

I am planning to visit the warehouse to purchase surplus property on behalf of my eligible organization. How do we pay for it?
For state agencies and institutions, we accept the state Small Purchase Charge Card (MasterCard), or we will process and invoice documents for payment (IAT). For eligible non-profits and small businesses, we request payment at time of purchase.

Will you pick up property we have prepared for turn-in?
We currently do not have the ability to pick up or deliver. An agency can either bring the property or hire one of the moving companies on contract with the Commonwealth. Please note: If an agency has property that can be listed for sale on the Internet, we can list that property for sale in place so it won’t have to be transported to the warehouse distribution centers.

If I have a question not answered here, who do I contact?
You can contact Floyd Coburn at 276-223-0917.

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