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Commonwealth's Alternative Fuel Program


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Program Overview   

  During the 2011 General Assembly House Bill 2282 was introduced and passed directing the establishment of a plan providing for the replacement of state-owned or operated vehicles with vehicles that operate using natural gas, electricity, or other alternative fuels.  Other alternative fuels include ethanol, propane, biodiesel, hydrogen and others as identified by alternative fuel providers.  

To fulfill this requirement, the Commonwealth looked to the private sector, through a Public-Private partnership, to investigate the feasibility of such a plan. This Public-Private initiative was conducted in accordance with the Public-Private Educational Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA) of 2002. This process required industry leaders in vehicle manufacturing, alternative fuel infrastructure, producers of alternative fuels and other alternative fuel experts to partner among themselves and government for a successful plan to be developed and implemented.        

As a result of the PPEA, contracts were awarded to Clean Energy for a natural gas (CNG) solution and Blossman Gas for a propane autogas (LPG) solution. Both contracts include provisions for fueling infrastructure, statewide fuel pricing and vehicle conversions. For more information, please see the links below.



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