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   Fuel Card Program

The fuel card program will utilize the Voyager card under Mansfield Oil Company and provides the flexibility to fuel your vehicles at 90% of the gas stations nationwide. Contract prices under this program allow your cardholders to purchase Federal excise tax-exempt motor fuels at an OPIS-based price plus the contract adder. The card will give your agency the ability to purchase all brands of fuel products. The Mansfield Oil/Voyager card is a powerful and dependable fleet card with extensive fleet management features. There are numerous online tools available under the program that increases accountability and security, providing you the tools to eliminate theft and fraud.


  • Mansfield Oil Company: All Districts

Contract Summary: 


→Fuel Card Use Policy and Procedures

→Commercial Stations Accepting the Voyager Card

Fuel Card and Online Tools Training

Fuel Card Program Training Manual

→Transaction Dispute Form

NEW»Mansfield Fuel Net Training Manual


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