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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Fuel




When will I receive a delivery after an order has been placed?
You will receive your order within 48 hours, excluding Saturday and Sunday. You will be notified by phone, fax or mail at least three hours prior to delivery. Deliveries are made during normal operating hours, except for emergencies.
How do I find the price for delivered product?
Check the eVA website ( www. ) for daily prices of delivered fuel. Look for prices on the day your fuel was delivered. Match your district location with the product price for Transport or Tank Wagon, depending on how your fuel was delivered. This is an all-inclusive, delivered price for fuel. If an extra service was required for the delivery (see fee schedule), this fee will be listed as a separate line item on your invoice.
The Bill of Lading ticket I received with my delivery has both net and gross gallons of delivered fuel on it. Why are the amounts different and on which amount am I billed?
Fuel is temperature adjusted at the terminal rack. Net gallons on your ticket may be more than the gross gallons in the winter/colder temperatures. But net gallons may be less than gross gallons in the summer/warmer temperatures. You are billed on Net gallons.
What are the benefits of joining the State Motor Fuel Contract?

Pricing is based on an industry benchmark and is checked/audited for accuracy by the State. You have access to delivered fuel prices any time day or night. You deal with just one company which streamlines the procurement process from ordering to invoicing. The Contract is a budget – friendly concept.

 Fuel Card

Should a driver fill up a vehicle at the station with the cheapest gas?
It DOES NOT MATTER where the driver buys gas because the program is structured so that you are billed the same price per gallon on any given day, regardless of where the fuel is purchased. There is a separate price for each Octane but that price is the same for all locations.
Why does the pump price on my receipt not match up with the price on my invoice?                                 
The price on your invoice consists of an OPIS-based price plus a
contracted "adder" and is the price for fuel on that day at any fueling station.
Retail prices are not a factor. You can, however, match the date and the
number of gallons purchased on your receipt to your invoice.
How do I find the stations in my area that accept the Voyager Card?
Go to the following web site and enter your address: 
What are the benefits of joining the State Motor Fuel Program for Fuel Cards?
. Receiving the State contracted price for fuel is budget friendly
. More detailed reports are available and access to a large network of services via
Vendor web site. The only requirements for accessing information are Internet
access, Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, a secured log-in and Crystal Reports, which is a free download.

Consignment Fuel Program

Why are consigned fuels billed at Daily OPIS Average instead of Weekly?
Daily pricing for fuel is a more accurate method than weekly pricing and since the Vendor is exposed to less risk, the savings can be passed on to program participants.
Can I track my consignment purchases?
Yes, the Vendor will provide a web-based program for tracking consignment fuel purchases by agencies.
Will my agency/locality get fuel if there is a supply emergency?
Through the State Motor Fuel Program, the Vendor will make the Commonwealth and its public bodies a priority during a declared emergency. Prior to weather- related emergency, Vendor may elect to top- off tanks or deliver fuel from neighboring regions through its contractual supply agreements. Coordination will occur with State and Federal Emergency agencies.
What are the benefits of participating in the Consigned Fuel portion of the State Motor Fuel Program?
Cash Flow - After initial investment in required equipment if necessary, funds are not tied up in inventory since Vendor owns fuel until it is pumped into vehicles.
Pricing - Prices are based on an industry benchmark and are audited by State for accuracy. You have access to prices via web anytime day or night.
Accounting streamlined – Vendor handles accounting, so great for low-staffed localities.
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