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Ordering from VDC
Shipping and Delivery
Vendor Information
Quality Assurance/Product Specifications
Technical Assistance
Customer Service
Comments and Concerns

Ordering from VDC
 1.   Who can order from VDC?
    VDC customers include State Agencies, Universities and Colleges, Mental Health and Correctional Institutions, and political sub-divisions.  If you have a question regarding eligibility, please call us at ( 804)328-3232 or send us an email at
 2.   How do I order from VDC?
    It's preferable that orders to VDC be processed through the eVA system.  You can order directly from VDC's punchout catalog.  Click here for a punchout manual.  If you do not have access to eVA and you are a state employee, contact the Purchasing Director to request this access.  If you are an employee of a local government, public school, or public body, you can register to use eVA by completing a simple registration process at:  If you are not an eVA user, you can place electronic orders through our remote ordering system, ROS.  Please call us for details on how to get signed up and place your first order.
 3. How can I check the status of my order?
Please go to our Order Status Lookup page on the web to see your scheduled delivery date.  You can also call our warehouse at (804)328-3224 or (804)328-3231.  Please include your order number with all inquiries.
 4.  Does VDC offer price discounts for larger order quantities?
    To benefit the Commonwealth, VDC achieves its discounts through volume buying. These discounts are factored into our pricing structure to ensure maximum benefit to all of our customers.  All of VDC’s products are sold at the same price, regardless of the quantity ordered.
 5.  What are my options if I need have an emergency order?
    Please call the VDC Warehouse Manager at 804-328-3224 to discuss what products are needed, the next available delivery time and if any additional delivery charge may be incurred.  Special accommodations can also be made to pick up the order at VDC.
 6.  Can I pick up my order from VDC?
    Yes, VDC hours are 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, Monday thru Friday.  Please be sure to mark your order "pickup", include agency contact and phone number on all orders.  Orders can generally be processed and available to accommodate the requested pickup date.  VDC will contact the person listed on the order as soon as it is ready for pickup.
Shipping and Delivery
 1.  When will I get my order?
    Depending on quantities and type of products ordered, deliveries are generally shipped within 5 working days from receipt of the order
 2.  How can I find out when my order will be delivered?
    Please go to our Order Status Lookup page on the web to see your scheduled delivery date.  You can also call our warehouse at (804)328-3224 or (804)328-3231. 
 3. Do I have to pay for delivery?  How much is shipping?
    VDC's policy is to pay all freight charges, including stop-off and LTL (Less than TruckLoad) charges to all state agency customers.  For customers other than state agencies, orders totaling $6000 or more will not be charged freight costs.  Orders totaling less than $6000 will be charged any stop-off or LTL costs, including any UPS charges, if applicable.  Please call us for more details on freight charges and current fees.
 4.  How can I handle discrepancies with my delivery?
    The Wilson Truck driver is required to assist in checking your load. The driver shall note any overage, shortage, or damage at the time of delivery and contact VDC Customer Service at (804) 328-3232 immediately for an exception number.  In the event the driver cannot reach VDC, a telephone call to the Wilson Trucking Company dispatcher is required.
 1. How does VDC purchase products?
    All commodities stocked at VDC are competitively procured through eVA.
 2. How do I get VDC to stock a new item?
    Provide a written request for review to VDC by fax, 804-328-3222 or email,
You can also submit requests at the VDC advisory committee meetings: Food Management Council or Housekeeping Products Advisory Committee, which are held quarterly.  All customers are welcome to attend committee meetings, please see the VDC home page for meeting dates.
 3. What do I do if VDC is out of stock?
    You can request a backorder by clicking the appropriate box on your ROS or eVA order, re-order or request permission to purchase locally by contacting Jeff Janisko at, 804-328-3223, fax or mail.
 4. Does VDC have service agreements?
    Yes. Information on available service agreements is detailed in the VDC Catalog, Appendix B.
 5. Can I order paints that are not listed in the VDC catalog?
    Yes, please contact VDC, 804-328-3227, to place a special order for any paint color not listed in the VDC Catalog as a stock paint (minimum order quantity of 52 gallons per color required).
 6.  How do I find out if an item is in stock before I place an order?
    You can contact VDC Customer Service at and we will check for product availability, however, we cannot hold products since they are sold on a first come first serve basis.
 7. How do I find out how a product is packed?
    Please go to the VDC Catalog, to view detailed item descriptions and up-to-date prices.  Common abbreviations used in item descriptions include “C” for 500, and “M” for 1000.  Please note that VDC cannot split cases of any item, and please order items in the same unit of measure as they are sold.
 8.  Why have we not received a new VDC catalog?
    With the VDC Catalog on-line and efforts underway to reduce costs, VDC plans to reduce the number of printed catalogs.  A catalog can be printed from the web in sections or in its entirety.  The catalog will be available via e-mail, floppy diskette or CD in Adobe Acrobat format by contacting VDC.
 9.  How can I find out the price of an item?
    Please go to the VDC Catalog, to view detailed item descriptions and up-to-date prices.
 10. How can I find out when an item will be back in stock?
    Please contact VDC Customer Service at
 11. Why is the invoice price for an item different than what it was when I placed the order?
    VDC constantly monitors the marketplace for quality goods at great prices. Sometimes prices change as new spot purchases and contracts are negotiated.  The VDC selling price can vary slightly more or less depending on the purchase price of the item.  Your price is determined by the most current purchase price of each item at the time that your order is shipped.  The trend in recent years if for overall decreases in prices.
 12.  Does VDC sell the Virginia and United States flag?
    Yes, for VDC customers, VDC sells the Virginia and United States flag for both indoor and outdoor usage, in sizes 3' X 5' and 5' X 8' along with the necessary accessories for correct indoor display.  VDC also sells the POW flag.  Use the keyword "FLAG" to search the VDC Catalog for a complete listing of these items.  Information regarding flag sales to the general public may be obtained by going to the following page on the DPS website,
Vendor Information
 1.  How can I sell to VDC?
    Vendors must be registered on Virginia's e-procurement system (EVA). Please see website for registration instructions.
 2. How do I receive bids for VDC commodities?
    Solicitations and awards are posted on Virginia's e-procurement system (eVA) website.  Go to and click on Solicitations & Awards.
Quality Assurance and Product Specifications
 1. How do I find out how an item is packed?
    Please go to the VDC Catalog, to view detailed item descriptions and up-to-date prices.
 2. How can I get MSDS sheets?
    Most MSDS sheets can be printed from the VDC Catalog on the web by clicking on the symbol next to the item number.
 3. What is the procedure for exchanging or returning a damaged product?
    Damaged product at time of delivery should be refused to the Wilson truck driver.
Damage found later is handled by return authorization, see 8 below.
 4. Why do product brands change?
    Brands may change when a contract changes or when purchased from a different supplier.
 5. How does VDC check the quality of their products?
    VDC checks product quality against purchase requirements at our on-site laboratory and kitchen.
 6. Does VDC buy graded products?
    Most food products VDC buys are USDA graded to assure that quality meets requirements.
 7. I think this product does not meet standards what can I do about it?
    All questions concerning product quality should be sent to Jeff Janisko at 804-328-3223 or email
 8. How do I return a product to VDC?
    For return authorization call Jeff Janisko at 804-328-3223
Technical Assistance
 1. Does VDC have an electronic ordering system?
    eVA users can place orders with VDC through the VDC punchout catalog.  For non-eVA users, VDC also offers a stand alone web-based remote order system (ROS).  To obtain a login to eVA, state employees should contact their eVA Team Lead and local government/public body employees should sign up at the SIGN UP tab on the eVA Home page (  To receive a login to the VDC Remote Order System, please go to, and click on the Request Access button. Complete the form and we will contact you with your logon id and password.
There is a problem with eVA and VDC has not received my order, what can I do? OR,
What happened to my eVA order?  The warehouse manager has told me that he does have it.
    Please report problems with eVA to eVA Customer Care at 1-866-289-7367.  To avoid order duplication, VDC advises customers to resolve eVA order issues before re-sending orders via fax.       
The following tips may help with your eVA orders:

Punchout Catalog – make every attempt to use this catalog before creating an order with ‘non-catalog’ item(s)
Split Shipping - VDC does not accept orders with split shipping.  These orders will result in a "failed" status.
Mass edits - When completing mass edits for accounting purposes, there is no need to fill out the shipping information.   This can cause an order to split and fail to route to VDC.
Approval flow – Please check to make sure that your order has been completely approved.  Orders must be approved or they will not route to VDC.

 3. The VDC punchout catalog (or ROS) will not accept my item number, what can I do?
    Please see our Product Updates on the web and search for the item number to find out if it has been replaced with a new item number or if the item has been discontinued.
 4. Can someone assist me with entering an order for VDC in eVA?
    Yes, please contact our technical assistant, at 804 328-3226.
 5. How will I know if my electronic order has been received? 
    Please go to VDC's Order Status Lookup page on the web to find out if your order has been received.
 6. I entered an order a while ago in ROS but it still has a pending status.  What does this mean?
    If your order is in pending status, you must approve it before VDC can initiate processing.  After creating your order in ROS, click on the order number and then approve it by clicking on the blue approve link.
Customer Service
 1. What is VDC's Federal Identification Number (FIN)?
    Please call the VDC Accounting line at 804-328-3232 ext. 256 or email us at to obtain this information.
 2. How do I place an order with VDC?
    If you place orders through Virginia's e-procurement system, eVA, you can order directly from VDC's punchout catalog.  Click here for a punchout manual.  If you are not an eVA user, you can place electronic orders through our remote ordering system, ROS.  Please call us for details on how to get signed up and place your first order, 804-328-3232.
 3. Can we get credit for an item that was missed on our last order, even though we have signed the delivery ticket?

If a discrepancy is not discovered and properly documented at the time of delivery by the receiving agency and the delivery driver, credit or reshipment of items is not possible (exception:  internal product damage not visible on the outside of packaging material).  It is extremely important that deliveries are received properly and any discrepancies are called in to VDC at 804-328-3231.

Please note that signing a delivery ticket stating “Subject to count”  WILL NOT enable credit to be issued in the event that a product has been damaged or short-shipped.
 4. How can we exchange an item that was ordered incorrectly?
    You must submit a new order to VDC for the correct item and either return the incorrect item at your expense (you may incur a restocking fee), or request a pickup of the item on your next scheduled delivery.  Please e-mail VDC Customer Service at to request a pickup.  Please include a contact name and phone number, order number, item number and quantity returned, and the date the item was delivered to you.  VDC will issue a credit upon return receipt of the item.
 5. Can you give me directions to VDC?
    You can view a map on our VDC Catalog, under Contacts, Instructions, Terms & Conditions.  You can also go to and lookup driving directions for 2400 Riley Ridge Rd. Sandston, VA 23150. 
 6. What is your email address?
 1.  Why am I no longer receiving mailed invoices?
    Due to an overwhelming number of customer requests, starting July 1, 2004, all invoices are included with the delivery ticket at the time you receive your order.
 2. Does VDC accept a purchase card?
    No, at this time, VDC does not accept purchase card payments.
 3. How do I make payment on VDC invoices?
    VDC accepts checks and Inter Agency Transfer Invoice (Form DA 02 039).
Comments and Concerns
 1.  How can I send VDC a comment, question or concern?
    Please submit comments, questions or concerns to the VDC Comment form.  VDC will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


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