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 Virginia Distribution Center  

The VDC has a new website!

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The Virginia Distribution Center (VDC) is a cooperative procurement function dedicated to serving taxpayers by providing government agencies, political subdivisions and other government entities with high-quality products and services at the lowest possible price. 

To ensure and maintain high-quality products, the VDC's quality assurance program includes a state of the art laboratory which provides evaluations of commodities for adherence to specifications. We provide more than 950 items, and our staff's superior understanding of the marketplace and their skill in buying in volume translates to real value to citizens of the Commonwealth.

General Information on buying for/selling to the Commonwealth can be found via this link:
Virginia's eProcurement Portal 

Click the links below for New VDC Punchout Catalog Training Videos and printable guides:
Creating a VDC Punchout Order:  video or printable guide
Creating a VDC Punchout Change Order:  video or printable guide

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