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The Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB) establishes statewide contracts for use by other public bodies to save time and money for the Commonwealth. The procurement work is done on behalf of agencies who then only need to issue a purchase order to procure services from any of these contracts.

Your feedback is important to us! Please let us know if you have suggestions on how to improve a contract, on additional contracts that you would like to see offered, or if any of the vendors on these contracts are not performing, so we may assist. Contact DEB at or (804) 786-3263.

*If you have questions regarding construction or professional services procurements, please contact the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management (BCOM) at


For questions about any of the contracts found below, please contact:
Laura Lee Oliva

(804) 371-0814

Solicitation: DEB-02152017-SWaM 

The Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB) has solicited to create a list of pre-qualified small businesses to compete for construction work. The pre-qualification can be used by public entities statewide for contract awards up to $500,000 per project for renovation and up to $250,000 per project for new construction. Instructions for using this pool may be found here.

RFQ Document

Instructions for using this Pool

SWaM Pool Master List

SWaM Pool Trades


How do I join this pre-qualified pool?

DGS will advertise in the statewide newspapers and on eVA through the VBO website for contractors to join the pre-qualified pool. At that time, the appropriate forms will be made available through a Request for qualification (RFQ) solicitation. Join the DEB contracts email list to receive notices. Contractors that are currently in the pool will receive a notice with instruction on how to renew.

Before applying to join the pre-qualified pool, contractors must be registered in eVA and have a Small Business Certification from the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD).

eVA Customer Care: 1-866-289-7367
DSBSD: (804) 786-6585


Professional Services – Category B

Solicitation: DEB05262016CATB

This A/E pool is for optional use by public bodies to procure professional A/E services using the Category B procedures for small projects where design fees are expected to be under $50,000. DGS has completed the steps of advertising and requesting qualifications. The A/E responses including Forms AE-1 through AE-6 are on file with the contract officer. Please review the Instructions for Use document for additional details regarding the scope of services and how to use this pool to create a contract. The list of firms is an Excel spreadsheet with their contact information. Instructions for using this pool may be found below.

Instructions for using this Pool

List of Professional Service Providers (effective October 1, 2017 through October 31, 2018)



Non-Professional Construction-Related Services & Facility Assessment

Contract: DEB20170106MC (last updated: May 1, 2017)

This state contract for non-professional facility-related services is for optional use by public bodies of the Commonwealth. This contract covers these services: Space planner, interior design, move management , landscape designer, scheduler, certified value specialist, CAD operator, cost estimator, project manager, signage design, environmental/ roofing/ flooring assessments, commissioning, fire/security/life safety systems, mechanical & plumbing systems, construction inspector/testing, project inspection/clerk of the works, asbestos/lead assessments, testing and balancing, construction management (not at risk) and others. 

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Non-Professional Construction-Related Testing and Environmental Services

Contract: DEB20170106HE (last updated: May 1, 2017)

This state contract for construction testing and environmental services is for optional use by public bodies of the Commonwealth. This contract covers various services, including: asbestos/lead, roofing inspector/consultant, environmental assessments, roof moisture survey, soils technician, mortar joint testing, environmental engineer, air monitoring technician, OSHA training instructor, environmental impact review, and others. See the price list spreadsheet for a catalog of all services. 

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Web-based Construction Cost Accounting – GCPay

Contract: DEB20160916 (effective:  May 1, 2017)

This statewide contract is for use by public bodies of the Commonwealth to provide a web-based service to process payments for construction projects. Payment applications for a specific project can be processed with this system, whether the request for payment is by the contractor or A/E. The system will allow for ledger entries of miscellaneous expenditures and generate reports in real time that will track all commitments, payments, and overall expenditures to date associated with the project.

To utilize this service for a project, the public body must include the appropriate provisions in the project contract. The monthly fee for using the system will be paid by the project's general contractor. The selected vendor to provide these services is GCPay who can provide training and technical services to public bodies.

Additional Information for Using GCPayfor Projects Authorized by Chapter 806, 2013 Appropriation Act

If you have questions regarding the GCPay system, please contact:
Daniel Brunelli
Phone: (877) 447-2584


Fire Suppression System Testing, Maintenance, and Repair Term Contract

Contract: DEB06172013
Renewal Documents (last updated September 28, 2017)

This statewide contract for inspection services, repairs and maintenance of fire suppression systems (sprinkler systems), including fire pumps and related components is for optional use by public bodies of the Commonwealth. This contract shall not be used for new construction projects or complete building renovation projects. Instructions for use are provided in the contract document.

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C - Contract Utilization Reporting


Maintenance and Repair for Building Automation, Fire Alarm and Security Systems

Contract: DEB20140310
Renewal Documents (last updated July 10, 2017)

This statewide contract for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and renovations of existing building automation systems, fire alarm systems, and security systems is for optional use by all public bodies of the Commonwealth.. This contract has restrictions on the installation of these systems in new buildings as defined in the Statement of Needs.

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Contract Contacts

Pricing Information
Maintenance Agreement Format


Fire/Water Damage Emergency Restoration

Contract: DEB20120708
Renewal Documents (last updated October 13, 2016)

This statewide contract for fire and water damage clean-up, remediation, restoration, and water extraction is for optional use by public bodies of the Commonwealth. This contract provides vendors who can respond rapidly to fire and water damage occurrences to commence clean-up as quickly as possible so that overall damage can be assessed and repairs can be procured.

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Pricing Schedule


Water Treatment Services

Contract: DEB06182013
Renewal Documents (last updated: December 15, 2017)

This statewide contract for water treatment services is for optional use by public bodies of the Commonwealth.

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Pricing Schedule
Vendor Proposal Forms


Generator Repair and Maintenance

Contract: DEB04222016 (last updated August 1, 2016)

This statewide term contract is for use by all public bodies for emergency power generator service, maintenance, and repairs in accordance with NFPA 110 and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code for life safety systems. Instructions for use are provided in the contract document link.

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