Department of General Services


DO By The Numbers 2017

The Department of General Services (DGS) provides a wide array of services for other state agencies, local governments, and citizens. DGS serves as the infrastructure for state government by serving in a support capacity with eight business units.

Division of Purchases and Supplies (DPS)

  • Facilitates and operates Virginia's electronic procurement system (eVA)
  • Leverages the buying power of the Commonwealth through statewide contracts for non-technology goods and services
  • Increases access to Commonwealth business opportunities for Small, Women-owned and Minority-owned (SWaM) businesses
  • Maintains and serves as the authority of the integrity of the Commonwealth's procurement processes
  • Operates the Virginia Distribution Center (VDC), a cooperative procurement service that provides high-quality products to government agencies, political subdivisions, and other government entities at usually lower-than-market prices

Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS)

  • Performs more than 7 million laboratory tests a year using 650 different testing methods
  • Provides analytical testing services for agencies of the Commonwealth, local governments, federal agencies and other states
  • Tests for biological, chemical, and/or radiological agents in samples such as:
    • Human and animal fluids and tissues
    • Food and beverages
    • Animal feeds and fertilizers
    • Environmental (soil, sediment, air, vegetation, drinking water, recreational waters)
    • Blood specimens from all Virginia infants
    • Gasoline

Division of Real Estate and Facilities Management (DREFM)

  • Manages the Commonwealth's real estate portfolio that includes more than 400,000 acres of land in over 1,200 locations, 11,000 buildings, and 117 million square feet of space, in addition to approximately 13 million square feet of rental space in 1,500 locations
  • Provides strategic planning assistance to agencies along with transaction negotiation support including leasing acquisition, disposal and easements
  • Maintains a real estate database and administers statewide contracts for outsourced real estate services
  • Provides transactional document support and sells surplus real estate
  • Oversees the management, maintenance, operation, and security of state-owned structures in and around Capitol Square and the metro-Richmond area
  • Operates a parking program for state employees

Division of Engineering & Buildings (DEB)

  • Sets policies and procedures for and generally oversees the Commonwealth's design and construction program
  • Serves as the Building Code Official for all facilities constructed on state-owned property
  • Provides management of capital improvement projects throughout the planning, design and construction phases

Office of Fleet Management Services (OFMS)

  • Operates and maintains a centralized fleet of approximately 4,000 passenger-type vehicles
  • More than 175 agencies and institutions use these vehicles for state business
  • Administers, monitors and enforces all rules and regulations regarding the assignment, utilization, maintenance, repair, and replacement of fleet vehicles
  • Oversees the operation of the Vehicle Management Control Center to provide assistance to drivers for emergencies and for servicing the vehicle

Office of Graphic Communications (OGC)

  • Offers quality print and internet media communication services to state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments and non-profit organizations
  • Provides high-quality, award winning communications projects ranging from logos and websites, to displays and brochures

Office of Surplus Property Management (OSPM)

  • Maintains and operates two surplus property warehouses (Richmond & Wytheville) redistributing a wide range of surplus state and federal property to agencies of the Commonwealth, qualified nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and the public
  • Operates and maintains Virginia's first retail surplus property store in Wytheville, Virginia

State Mail Services (SMS)

  • Provides postal services to state offices in and around Capitol Square and the Richmond metro area
  • Provides consulting and training services and will review your operations to determine ways to improve efficiency and minimize operating costs