Department of General Services


HR Consult 2

Before the Interview

  • Research the Organization by visiting our website and the Commonwealth of Virginia's website. Learn about DGS and state government, and work these facts into your interview conversation.
  • Review the job requirements and your qualifications. Think about questions that you might be asked during an interview and develop answers that best demonstrate your skills and qualifications.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the location of the interview, ask for directions. Allow extra time to ensure that you are not late.

During the interview

  • Greet the interviewer with good eye contact, a smile and a firm hand shake.
  • Listen and answer with confidence
  • Think about the interview questions and try to determine why they are being asked. Respond to all aspects of the question but keep your answers brief and accurate.
  • Know at least three reasons why you are an outstanding candidate for the job and be prepared to illustrate how your skills might benefit the agency and the position.
  • Be Positive and enthusiastic about your former employers.
  • Ask questions about the agency and the job.
  • Assuming the job and the organization interests you, take time near the end of the interview to express your interest.

After the Interview

  • Do you need to supply additional information to be considered for the position? What are the next stages in the employment process and when might they occur? These are questions that you should consider asking toward the end of the interview.
  • Thank the interviewers for their time and follow up with a thank you note.