Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) supports public health by accrediting laboratories that demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations. The accreditation program for commercial laboratories ensures that laboratories have quality systems and analytical procedures in place which support the production of accurate, reliable, and defensible test results.

Who Should Apply

  • Commercial laboratories providing testing for the purpose of compliance with the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law, the Virginia Waste Management Act or the State Water Control Law (§ 10.1-1300 et seq., § 10.1-1400 et seq., and § 62.1-44.2 et seq., respectively, of the Code of Virginia) are required to hold accreditation under 1VAC30-46.
  • Commercial laboratories holding a valid accreditation certificate from a TNI/NELAP-Recognized State Accreditation Body (AB) may apply for secondary accreditation for fields of accreditation specified by the primary AB.

The Regulation

Assessments & Compliance Assistance

  • On-site assessments are performed initially and on a two-year schedule thereafter.
  • Key quality system elements include effective corrective action, a recordkeeping system that provides historical traceability, and effective internal auditing.
  • VELAP provides additional compliance resources in the Toolbox for Laboratories.
  • 2009 TNI Quality Systems Checklist

Proficiency Testing

  • PT Frequently Asked Questions
  • Proficiency Testing (PT) requirements for VELAP accredited commercial laboratories are described in Volume 1, Module 1 of the 2009 TNI Standard, available from the TNI Website.
  • The TNI Fields of Proficiency Testing (FoPT) tables provide the analytes for which PTs are required.

Applications & Application Updates


Visit the Documents and Forms Center for all VELAP forms

  • Chapter 46 Certification of Compliance Form #6967 [pdf]
  • Chapter 46 Management Qualifications Form #6966 [pdf] [word]
  • Change in Scope Form #6972 [pdf] [word]
  • Demonstration of Capability Form #6990 [pdf] [word]
  • Onsite Assessment Corrective Action Plan Form #6984 [pdf] [word]
  • Fee Payment Form #6988 [pdf]
  • Statement of Access to 2009 TNI Standard Volume 1 [pdf]

 Accredited Laboratories

  • Visit the DCLS Find a Lab webpage for information on Accredited Commercial Laboratories with Accreditation Detail (.xls format) and a Directory of Commercial Laboratories (.pdf format)


DCLS Laboratory Certification Office
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Phone: (804) 648-4480
Fax: (804) 692-0416

Email: Lab_Cert@dgs.virginia.gov