Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) supports public health by certifying non-commercial laboratories that demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations. The certification program for non-commercial laboratories ensures that laboratories have quality systems and analytical procedures in place which support the production of accurate, reliable, and defensible test results.

Who Should Apply

  • Non-Commercial laboratories providing testing for the purpose of compliance with the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law, the Virginia Waste Management Act or the State Water Control Law (§ 10.1-1300 et seq., § 10.1-1400 et seq., and § 62.1-44.2 et seq., respectively, of the Code of Virginia) are required to hold accreditation under 1VAC30-45.
  • The regulation at 1VAC30-45-40 defines non-commercial laboratories. Typically a non-commercial laboratory is a municipal or industrial laboratory providing analytical data for its owner holding a permit issued by Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ).

The Regulation

Assessments & Compliance Assistance

  • On-site assessments are performed initially and on a three-year schedule thereafter. The regulation directs re-assessments on a two-year schedule when the laboratory has demonstrated some specific non-compliances.
  • Key quality system elements include effective corrective action, a recordkeeping system that provides historical traceability, and effective internal auditing. VELAP provides additional compliance resources in the Toolbox for Laboratories.
  • 1VAC30-45 Checklist for Quality Systems
  • 1VAC30-45 Checklist for Chemistry
  • 1VAC30-45 Checklist for Microbiology
  • 1VAC30-45 Checklist for Standard Operating Procedures

Proficiency Testing

  • PT Frequently Asked Questions
  • Proficiency Testing (PT) requirements for VELAP certified non-commercial laboratories are described in Sections 500, 510, and 520 of 1VAC30-45.

Applications & Application Updates


Visit the Forms Center for all VELAP Forms

  • Chapter 45 Certification of Compliance Form #12016 [pdf]
  • Chapter 45 Management Qualifications Form #23114 [pdf]
  • Chapter 45 Quality Manual Completeness (Renewals) Form #6968 [pdf] [word]
  • Change in Scope Form #6972 [pdf] [word]
  • Demonstration of Capability Form #6990 [pdf] [word]
  • Onsite Assessment Corrective Action Plan Form #6984 [pdf] [word]
  • Fee Payment Form #6988 [pdf]

Certified Laboratories

  • Visit the DCLS Find a Lab webpage for information on Certified Non-Commercial Laboratories with Certification Detail (.xls format) and a Directory of Non-Commercial Laboratories (.pdf format)


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