Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) supports public health by certifying laboratories that demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations. The certification program for laboratories that certify tuning forks ensures that laboratories have quality systems and procedures in place which support the production of accurate, reliable, and defensible certifications.


Who Should Apply

  • DCLS inspects facilities that certify tuning forks employed by law enforcement authorities to calibrate traffic speed detection devices used for the enforcement of speed limits. These facilities are frequently privately-owned electronics shops and for the purposes of this program are termed "Tuning Fork Laboratories."
  • Tuning fork devices must be certified every six months, and certification must be performed by a laboratory certified by DCLS or through the device's manufacturer.
  • DCLS administers the program for certification of tuning forks on behalf of the Department of General Services' Division of Purchases & Supply, which has statutory authority for the specification of traffic speed detection devices used by Virginia's law enforcement authorities.
  • DCLS inspects the Tuning Fork Laboratories to ensure that the laboratories develop and maintain the necessary quality systems and procedures to produce legally defensible data.


The Regulation


Assessments & Compliance Assistance


Applications and Application Updates

Contact VELAP by email at Lab_Cert@dgs.virginia.gov to review the laboratory's eligibility for certification and request application materials.




Certified Laboratories




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