Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


In accordance with Virginia Code § 19.2-11.6, the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) shall accept and store Physical Evidence Recovery Kits (PERKs) in cases of sexual assault where the victim elects not to make a report to law enforcement. These are referred to as “Anonymous PERKs.”

Anonymous PERK collection and submission:

When a victim of sexual assault who undergoes a forensic medical examination elects not to report the offense to law enforcement, the health care provider shall:

  • Inform the victim that the PERK shall be forwarded to DCLS for storage as an Anonymous PERK.
  • Inform the victim of the length of time the Anonymous PERK will be stored by DCLS.
  • Inform the victim of the right to object to the destruction of the Anonymous PERK, and how the victim can have the Anonymous PERK released to a law enforcement agency at a later date.
  • Forward the Anonymous PERK to DCLS in accordance with the policies and procedures established by DCLS.

Anonymous PERK storage and destruction:

  • PERKs received by DCLS will remain in storage for 2 years from receipt.
  • The victim may request DCLS to hold the PERK in storage for an additional 10 years by submitting a written request prior to the end of the initial 2-year holding period.
  • If the victim elects to report the offense, DCLS shall release the Anonymous PERK to the investigating law enforcement agency.
  • Unless contacted by law enforcement or the victim, DCLS may destroy the Anonymous PERK after the initial 2-year storage period or any additional 10 year storage period.

If you have additional questions regarding the submission, retention, or destruction of Anonymous PERKs, please contact the DCLS Evidence Custodian at (804) 648-4480 ext. 102.

For more information regarding the handling of Anonymous PERKs at DCLS, visit the topics below: 

To request to extend the storage (object to the destruction) of an Anonymous PERK, complete the form below and return it to DCLS.

Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
Attention: DCLS Evidence Custodian
600 North 5th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Due to the anonymous nature of these requests, confirmation of receipt cannot be provided unless the form is returned by certified mail or by contacting the DCLS Evidence Custodian at (804) 648-4480 ext. 102

In the event the victim decides to report the assault, the investigating law enforcement agency shall request the PERK by contacting the DCLS Evidence Custodian at (804) 648 4480 ext. 102.