Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


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The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) receives and processes a variety of specimen/sample collection kits submitted by hospitals, health departments, law enforcement, Department of Environmental Quality regional offices, Virginia Department of Health Office of Water Programs field offices and other entities across the Commonwealth.

For more information on ordering kits, visit our Sample Kit Ordering page.

Shipping & Courier Services

Samples are shipped to DCLS via the contract courier service, which collects samples from over 250 locations, UPS, FEDEX, and the U.S. Postal Service. Some local DCLS customers deliver samples directly to DCLS. When shipping samples to DCLS, each customer must comply with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations pertaining to packaging biohazardous samples, environmental samples, chain-of-custody samples, and all materials, in the appropriate manner mandated for transportation.

Courier service requirements:

  • Specimens/samples must be contained in a sturdy, sealed, and properly addressed container
  • Containers cannot be damaged or leaking fluids
  • The address on each container must be legible and include the complete address of the DCLS laboratory to which the specimen/sample is being shipped
  • Containers may not exceed 70 pounds

The courier run occurs in the evening. Couriers are licensed and bonded. Visit our searchable Courier List for information on where our courier stops.

DCLS can add additional courier sites at the expense of the requesting entity. Each request to add a new courier site must include the desired date of implementation and information concerning building access or lockbox requirements. In addition, it must identify a site representative (name and telephone number) and a complete billing address. Requests to add additional courier sites should be forwarded to:

Sample Support Service Group Manager
Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
600 N. 5th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Collection & Shipping Instructions

The following offer instructions for collecting and shipping various specimens/samples.

Drinking Water Sample Collection Guide
Lead and Copper Sampling Notice
Rabies Specimen Submission Protocol
Viral Isolation Kit Collections Influenza and Other Viruses
Sentinel Flu Provider Instructions
Sentinel Flu Provider PSP Instructions
Instructions for the Submission of Stool Specimens
Patient Instructions for Stool Collection