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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) is responsible for certifying and accrediting laboratories to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations meant to protect the public's health and the environment. DCLS conducts on-site evaluations on a routine basis in accordance with Virginia's regulations to ensure the laboratories have the appropriate quality systems and analytical procedures in place in to produce accurate, reliable, and defensible test results.

Laboratory Accreditation

Commercial Environmental Laboratories

DCLS is recognized as an Accrediting Body by The NELAC Institute (TNI/National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference). Through the Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (VELAP), DCLS accredits commercial environmental laboratories that perform tests, analyses, measurements or monitoring required pursuant to the Commonwealth's air, waste and water laws and regulations. These laboratories are required to meet standards set out in Virginia regulation 1VAC30-46 as well as standards established through a national consensus-based program with input from stakeholders including the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state accrediting bodies, and laboratories.

Laboratory Certification

Drinking Water Laboratories

DCLS certifies public and private drinking water microbiology and chemistry laboratories in Virginia. Laboratories are inspected to ensure compliance with quality control practices under federal and state Safe Drinking Water Program (SDWP) regulations. These regulations include the EPA Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water (EPA 815-R-05-004) and standards set out in Virginia regulation 1VAC30-41.

Non-Commercial Environmental Laboratories

DCLS certifies non-commercial environmental laboratories that perform testing for the purposes of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Law, the Virginia Waste Management Act or the State Water Control Law. Non-commercial laboratories must meet the quality management standards set out in Virginia regulation 1VAC30-45 and requirements of the specific test methods required by the Commonwealth's air, waste and water laws and regulations.

Tuning Fork Laboratories

DCLS inspects commercial and noncommercial laboratories and radio shops that certify tuning forks employed by law enforcement authorities to calibrate traffic speed detection devices used for the enforcement of speed limits. These facilities are termed "tuning fork laboratories." Tuning fork devices must be certified every six months, and certification must be performed by a laboratory certified by DCLS or through the manufacturer. DCLS administers the certification program on behalf of the Department of General Services' Division of Purchases & Supply, which has statutory authority for the specification of traffic speed detection devices used by Virginia's law enforcement authorities. DCLS inspects the laboratories to ensure that the labs develop and maintain the necessary quality systems and procedures to produce legally defensible data.