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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


Laboratory: Microbial Reference and Molecular Detection and Characterization

Test Description: Confirmation and identification of blood parasites.

Order Approval Required? Prior notification to specimen submission is requested.

Specimen Type: EDTA blood tube

Collection Container: EDTA blood tube

Optimal Volume:

  • EDTA blood - one pediatric tube is the minimum and one 7 ml tube is the maximum
  • Two thick smears
  • Two thin smears

Collection Guidelines: Wright or Giemsa stained thick and thin smears from same blood draw; prepared within one hour of collection.

Storage Container: Not Applicable

Storage Instructions: EDTA blood tubes store at 2-8°C; Blood smears store at room temperature

Transportation Instructions: EDTA blood tubes may be transported by courier at room temperature, and then refrigerated (2-8°C) upon receipt for longer storage.

Test Methodology: Microscopy and Molecular methods

Additional Information: Provide a detailed history of travel and clinical symptoms to aid in the diagnosis of the disease since most parasites are geographically specific.

Causes For Rejection:

  • blood submitted without EDTA preservative
  • broken slides
  • slides prepared beyond 1 hour of the blood draw

Possible Results: Full isolate identification. Isolate may be forwarded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for further testing if necessary.