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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


Laboratory: Immunology/Virology

Test Description: The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS) performs routine drug and alcohol testing on urine for the Department of Corrections in the state of Virginia, using the Emit II Plus and Immunalysis assays. These assays are used for drugs of abuse screening. A more specific, alternative chemical method must be used to obtain a confirmed analytical result. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is the preferred confirmatory method, although others are available. Clinical consideration and professional judgment should be applied to any drugs-of-abuse test result, particularly when preliminary positive results are reported.

Order Approval Required? No

Specimen Type: Urine

Collection Container: Collected in Plastic (Polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyethylene) Leak-Proof Container

Optimal Volume: 90 ml is preferred; 5 ml is minimum

Collection Guidelines: Keep the specimen cup tightly closed to prevent the evaporation of any alcohol in the sample. Specimens may be stored unrefrigerated for up to 7 days (3 days if alcohol needed) following collection.

After 7 days, specimens must be stored frozen at -20˚C or colder.

Storage Container: Sterile Leak-Proof Container -20 freezer

Storage Instructions: If not analyzed immediately, specimens may be stored unrefrigerated for up to 3 days; after 3 days samples must be frozen

Transportation Instructions: Transport urine at 2-8°C to prevent alcohol evaporation; Samples should be shipped in locked coolers

Test Methodology: Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

Additional Information: Must have DCLS approval to perform test

Causes For Rejection: Quantity not sufficient for testing

Possible Results: Positive, Negative