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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


Laboratory: Microbial Reference and Molecular Detection and Characterization

Test Description: Isolation and identification of Enteric pathogens from stool for epidemiologic purposes. Submission of Cary-Blair stools must be approved by Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

Order Approval Required? Sample submissions must be coordinated through Virginia Department of Health

Specimen Type: Cary Blair preserved stool; Raw stool

Collection Container: Culture: Cary Blair preserved stool; Norovirus: Raw or unpreserved stool in sterile cup

Optimal Volume: Cary Blair containers should have enough feces to bring the level of medium up to the fill line on the container

Collection Guidelines: Stool specimens should be collected as soon as possible after diarrhea begins, while patient is actively ill and before antibiotic treatment has been administered; Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website

Storage Container: Not Applicable

Storage Instructions: Cary Blair store at Room temperature; Raw stool store at 2-8°C

Transportation Instructions: Transport at room temperature.

Test Methodology: Conventional culture methods and molecular methods.

Additional Information: Cary-Blair stool can be transported at room temperature or on cold packs

Causes For Rejection:

  • Samples with no name or identifier, mismatched samples and test request forms.
  • Media that has expired prior to inoculation.
  • Incorrect or broken transport media.
  • Evidence of exposure to temperature extremes during transport.

Possible Results: All enteric bacterial pathogens are isolated and fully identified to the genus and species level.