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Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services


Inclement Weather Inga – Jan 16-17 2018 Schedule Alteration for Accurate Courier Express (ACE)


Due to inclement weather events that may impact Virginia over the next few days, drivers may need to alter their normal pickup and drop-off schedules in the affected areas. DCLS will work closely with ACE to shift courier runs in order to ensure all locations are serviced, as best as possible. This could result in courier pickups occurring during standard business hours, if necessary, to avoid potential delays or to service locations that could not be accessed due to the weather. Please plan on making all shipments/packages ready for delivery to DCLS available at the courier pickup location as soon as possible. DCLS expects the courier schedule to be back to normal as soon as the road conditions permits..

  • ACE will be authorized to alter pickup and delivery schedules to DCLS as necessary
  • Key DCLS staff will be notified of all ACE or commercial courier schedule adjustments



Special or emergency courier requests can be made by contacting the DCLS duty officer at 804-335-4617. ONLY DCLS can authorize and arrange for special or emergency courier services/runs.