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Division of Engineering and Buildings


Questions regarding this form may be directed to the Division of Engineering and Buildings at (804) 786-3263, or

*=mandatory field - form cannot be submitted if these fields are not completed


c.  Requested Event Date and Time   Event dates and times are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; you will be contacted within three business days after submission of this form with confirmation of the date/time selected or, if the date/time is unavailable, to select a new date/time. Requests for permits made less than six days prior to the event date are subject to the availability of resources.   

Capitol Square is open to the public from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

g. Equipment/set-up: Check all that apply:* (Note that use of platforms, stages, tents, cooking equipment, generators, or other such equipment requires a certificate of liability insurance, minimum $1 million per occurrence, naming the Commonwealth of Virginia as additional insured)

2.  Individual(s) Responsible for Event Conduct:   The individual(s) listed below must sign the acceptance of responsibility as the primary designee and either the primary and/or the secondary designee must be in attendance for the entire event and check-in with Capitol Police prior to beginning event set-up.  A primary designee is required for the issuance of a permit; a secondary designee is strongly recommended since an issued permit will be considered void if either a primary or secondary designee is not in attendance for the entire event.

a.  Primary Designee*:

b.  Secondary Designee: Enter the contact information for a secondary designee. A secondary designee is strongly recommended as an issued permit will be considered void if either the primary or secondary desginee is not in attendance forhte entire event. Upon submission of this application, a DGS representative will contact the Secondary Designee to obtain their concurrence and acceptance of responsibility.

By typing your name in the below field, you indicate that you accept responsibility for the acts of your guests at the event. If applying on behalf of an organization, by typing your name in the below field, you indicate that you are authorized to accept responsibility for the actions of the organizations' members and guests on its behalf, and that the organization accepts responsibility for the acts of its members and guests at the event. For reference purposes, below is a summary of the stipulations and procedures pertaining to permitted events; any additional stipulations set forth in the permit are the responsibility of the applicant to understand:

a. Requests for a permit shall be submitted to DGS at least six days prior to the event; requests for a permit will be considered in the order that they are received. No permit will, initially, be approved for longer than a one-hour event (to include an additional half-hour before and half-hour after the one-hour period for event set-up and take-down). If a longer period than one-hour is requested, the permit will grant that additional time on a conditional basis. Within six days of the event, the request for additional time will be confirmed based upon the availability of the event space for all or some of the additional time requested.

b. Primary or secondary designee must check-in with Capitol Police with a government-issued photo ID before event set-up may begin; either the primary or secondary designee must attend the entire event.

c. No event activities outside of the Darden Garden Event Area.

d. No blocking sidewalks or exits from Capitol Square and no gathering within 25 feet of the Bell Tower entrance.

e. No sale of items or services.

f. No attaching items to infrastructure or landscaping and no placing items into the ground.

g. Must obtain temporary building permits for the use of temporary structures such as tents greater than 900sf, and stages or platforms higher than 4" off the ground. In addition, if constructing any structure, or use equipment such as generators or cooking ware, must provide a certificate of General Liability Insurance (minimum $1,000,000 per occurrence) naming the Commonwealth of Virginia as an additional insured.

h. Electricity not provided; generator use must comply with the Guidelines for the Use of Portable Generators on DGS Property.

i. Must comply with the Virginia Statewide Building Code 2404.15 et. seq. regarding heating and cooking equipment.

j. Separate authorization is required to use unmanned aircraft systems (UASs, or drones).

k. No sound systems/amplification.

At the termination of the permit, the premises shall be left as clean and orderly as they were upon arrival. Violation of the conditions of the permit shall automatically terminate the permit. Failure of event participants to disperse or discontinue the event associated with a terminated permit is a trespass on DGS Property. By typing your name in the below field, you agree to be responsible for communicating the rules and all permit conditions to all event participants, and affirm that you have read and you or your organization agrees to comply with the stipulations set out above.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email confirmation with your application number.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application was not submitted successfully; please contact the Division of Engineering and Buildings at (804) 786-3263, or