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As required by Chapter 760, 2015 Virginia Acts of the Assembly, all public bodies as defined in § 2.2-4301 must provide a written report for any non-transportation related construction project in excess of $2 million that was procured by any method other than competitive sealed bidding.

The Overall Project Activity Submission (Project Summary Recap) eForm must be submitted quarterly even if there was no project activity. Public bodies that do not submit the appropriate e-forms will be reported as non-responsive.

Only report data that is known as of the end of the reporting period; project information must be updated each reporting period to reflect the latest information available for each project.

If one of the alternative procurement methods is indicated on the Overall Project Activity Form, a corresponding form must be submitted for each project utilizing the method indicated. Read the detailed instructions on how to submit these forms.

Reporting Criteria

Please report data only for those projects that meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Project construction value is in excess of $2 million
  • Project was not procured by competitive sealed bidding
  • If after July 1, 2015 one of the following has occurred:
    • Construction Management at Risk - Project Request for Proposal was issued.
    • Design–Build - Project Request for Proposal was issued.
    • Job Order Contracting - JOC Contract was awarded or renewed.
    • Energy Savings or Energy Performance Contracts - Back of the Envelope Proposal Request was issued.

Completing the Survey

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• Detailed Instructions

If a public body does not anticipate any construction procurement activity meeting the criteria listed above prior to July 1, 2017, the entity may submit a No Overall Project Activity survey form. This form will meet the reporting requirement for the public body for the duration of the survey, provided that the public body does not procure any construction meeting the criteria above prior to July 1, 2017. In the event the public body procures construction meeting the criteria above prior to July 1, 2017, the appropriate survey forms must be completed in accordance with Chapter 760, 2015 Virginia Acts of the Assembly.

No Project Activity for the Duration of the Survey

For any other non-standard procurement method or questions on reporting requirements, contact the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management at Please include your name, organization, and phone number and include "Procurement Report" in the subject line.

Request Access to input survey data

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Back of the Envelope Proposal – An informal, non-binding estimate of construction costs and associated energy savings used to initiate an Energy Performance Contract. 

Construction Management at Risk (CM@R, GC/CM) - Construction Management at Risk is an alternate construction delivery method to Competitive Sealed Bids. The Owner holds two contracts: a contract for professional A/E design services, and also a two-phase contract with the CM at Risk Contractor. The Construction Manager provides a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the Construction and all related services and is "At Risk" for constructing the entire project within the agreed-upon GMP.

Design-Build (D/B, DB) - Design-Build Risk is an alternate construction delivery method to Competitive Sealed Bids. The Owner holds one contract for Design-Build work with the D/B Contractor. The D/B Contractor includes the A/E professional design services within his contract. This results in a single source of responsibility.

Energy Savings or Energy Performance Contracts (ESCO) - Energy Savings or Energy Performance Contracts are a method of procuring construction services where the contracting entity may enter into an energy performance-based contract with an energy performance contractor to significantly reduce energy costs to a level established by the public body or operating costs of a facility through one or more energy conservation or operational efficiency measures.

ESCO Buy-Down – Funds provided by the entity to reduce the payback period.
Job Order Contracting (JOC) - Job Order Contracting is a method of procuring construction services by establishing a book of unit prices and then obtaining a contractor to perform work as needed using the prices, quantities, and specifications in the book as the basis of its pricing. The contractor may be selected through either competitive sealed bidding or competitive negotiation depending on the needs of the public body procuring the construction services.

Non-Transportation Related Project - any buildings or structures that are regulated by the Building Code including projects located in a transportation right of ways or other transportation authority/agency property.

PPEA - The "Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002" (PPEA) includes provisions that allow a public body to work with private developers to design and construct a facility. The agency holds a single contract with the successful proposer for both the design and construction of the specific project.

RFP – Request for Proposal

RFQ – Request for Qualifications

Transportation Related Project – Roads, roadway tunnels and bridges, runways, railways, canals, ports.