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Division of Engineering and Buildings


The Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) enables public bodies to partner with private entities to bring private sector expertise to bear on public projects and encourage innovative approaches to financing construction and renovation.

Qualifying projects include public buildings and facilities of all types and certain infrastructure and services, such as schools, wastewater treatment plants, telecommunications infrastructure, building security improvements, recreational facilities, and technology infrastructure and services.

Guidance Documents

Businesses interested in submitting a PPEA proposal to state agencies and agencies that receive the proposals must abide by the most current procedures, available below:

Current Version

Procedures for State Agencies and Institutions (January 2008)

Archive Versions:

Procedures for State Agencies and Institutions (October 2006)
Procedures for State Agencies and Institutions (May 2006)

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PPEA Working Group

With questions regarding the PPEA process, please contact