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Division of Real Estate Services


Recognizing that the consolidation of real estate records into one database helps DGS better manage the Commonwealth's real estate portfolio, the General Assembly has mandated through the Code of Virginia and the Appropriations Act chapters that agencies that possess, have under their control or lease, report certain real estate-related information to DGS on an annual basis. DGS presents this information to the General Assembly as mandated by the Code of Virginia, see latest report.

Land Use Plans (LUP)

The Code of Virginia Section § 2.2-1153 requires each department, agency and institution to submit to DGS a land use plan for state-owned property it possesses or has under its control showing present and planned uses of such property. The land use plan must include a recommendation on whether any property should be declared surplus by the controlling department, agency or institution. This information is due to DGS each year by September 1.

Non-DGS/Agency Administered Leases (NAAL)

Section 4-8.01e.2 of the Appropriations Act requires each agency that controls leased property, where such leased property is not under the DGS lease administration program, to report to DGS on each leased facility. Specific data included in the report shall identify at a minimum, the number of square feet occupied, the number of employees and contractors working in the leased space, if applicable, and the cost of the lease. This information is due to DGS each year by October 1.

Inmate Labor for Demolished Buildings

In 2016, the General Assembly included in the Appropriations Act (Chapter 780, Item 80.B1g) language directing DGS, in consultation with other agencies, to evaluate the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of using inmate labor to assist in the demolition of vacant buildings on state property. DGS must develop a plan that includes an inventory of vacant buildings on properties owned by the Commonwealth that could be considered for demolition using inmate labor, and an estimated cost of demolition using inmate labor. DGS must report its findings by November 1, 2016. As a result, a question regarding the demolition of buildings was added to the land use plan reporting requirements in 2016 and agencies may be asked to provide this information with future annual LUP submissions.

Access the COVA Trax Web Portal to submit your reports.