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Division of Real Estate Services


Deciding Whether to Stay or Relocate?

Once the agency considers the following factors, DRES works with the agency to determine whether the agency should remain in its existing space, relocate to a new space, or consider both options and negotiate between the two.


  • Space Needs
  • Current and Future Operational Requirements
  • Budget
  • Current Lease Environment

Staying Where You Are?

DRES may negotiate with the landlord to advocate for improvements and refurbishments to be made to the space.

Relocating to a New Location?

DRES will work with the agency to further determine their needs and send out Requests for Proposals (RFP). DRES will review RFP responses with the agency to identify a short list of options to consider and tour. DRES then manages any negotiations with the Landlords to identify the right solution and finalize the lease.

What DRES Considers During Lease Preparation:

  • Is it a new lease or an amendment?
  • Business terms
    • Address, tax number, site plan, space plan
    • Rent, length of term, options, right of first refusal
    • Maintenance and utilities
    • Build-out process
  • Legal Terms
    • Landlord authority and information (SCC check)
    • ADA compliance
    • Appropriations
    • Sovereign Immunity

The Lease is Signed, Now What?

  • Preparing the New Space
    • Approval of space plan
    • Approval of the construction documents
    • Start Construction!
  • Coordinate the Agency Vendors and Utilities (if necessary)
    • Cable, furniture, security, audio/visual, filing system, moving, VITA
  • Determine what to do with your existing space and property
    • Organizing the Move
    • Surplus it!
    • Leaving and clearing previous space

You're In, Who Manages the Facilities?

  • Agency Responsibility
    • Manage day-to-day
    • Routing maintenance items (janitor, landscaping, other)
    • Keep communication log with landlord (date, issue, resolution)
    • If not resolved, escalate to DRES Lease Administration
  • DRES Responsibility
    • Enforce the terms of the lease
    • Provide any formal notice
    • Approve or initiate any self-cure clause