State Mail Services


Millions of catalogs, flyers, magazines, and other promotional mail pieces or "junk mail" are sent to state agencies and employees each year. This mail not only costs the marketer sending the mail, it costs your agency valuable time and money to handle and dispose of it.

Although it may be impossible to eliminate all the junk mail you receive, you can significantly reduce what you do receive in the mail.

Sign Up With the Ecological Mail Coalition to Stop Junk Mail

State Mail Services (SMS) has partnered with the Ecological Mail Coalition to provide agencies with a free, easy and effective way to stop undeliverable catalogs, magazines, and other bulk mail. This service removes former employees at your agency from mailing lists. What's more, you'll rein in environmental waste.

Visit the Ecological Mail Coalition site. You also can download instructions to get started.

If you Receive Mail for Another Employee or Agency

If you receive mail for other state employees or agencies, look them up in the state employee directory. If you find a match, place the mail piece in a properly addressed inter-agency envelope and leave it for SMS pickup.

When you receive mail that is for someone no longer with your office who cannot be located, place one line through the address and write "Attempted - Not Known" or "ANK" above the delivery address, on the right side of the envelope and leave with your outgoing USPS mail. The Attempted - Not Known endorsement tells the U.S. Post Office that delivery was attempted and addressee is not known at the place of address.

Remove your Name or Agency from Catalog Mailing Lists

To further reduce mailings, call mail order catalog companies and ask to be taken off their mailing list. If you receive unwanted flyers or mail, call the customer service department and request that your address be removed from their mailing list, or send in a signed and dated written request and a sample of the mailing label.

Reducing Junk Mail At Home

To reduce junk mail at home visit the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website and sign up to change your preferences for the mail you receive. DMA represents many mail order sales companies and estimates that listing your name with their mail preference service will stop 75 percent of all national mailings coming to your home.

An additional resource for handling junk mail is the National Waste Prevention Coalition.