State Mail Services


Each division will be billed for and sent an invoice for any UPS, USPS, special services or metering charges for total postage incurred in the previous month by the agency or department or division. This includes UPS, USPS, SMS metering services, Indicias, Permits for bulk mailing through third-party companies, and Business Reply Mail.

Read more to understand what's included on invoices, how divisions are charged for services, and information on pricing and rates.

Understanding Invoices

What's included on Invoices?

By the 18th of each month SMS will send an invoice to each agency for the total postage that agency used for the month before. SMS will also include a report that shows the postage subtotals by agency budget or cost code.

The monthly invoice includes any SMS metering services your agency used, and will show any UPS and USPS charges, and any charges for special services that your agency incurred during the previous month.

If the total monthly postage charges for an agency are less than ten dollars for the previous month, the invoice will be combined with the invoice for the next month, and that agency will not receive an invoice until the next month or next time that their total postal charges are over $10.

The invoice is payable within 30 days.

Fiscal Year End for Billing and Invoices

Usually your SMS invoice will cover one month worth of billing. However during fiscal year end you will receive an invoice that may contain the billing for the second half of June and the entire month of July.

Understanding Budget or Cost Codes for Invoices

SMS bills each agency by using budget or cost codes. It's important that all mail sent by an agency or division uses the correct and valid agency budget or cost code to ensure that SMS bills and charges the postage to the right code.

The agency is responsible for emailing SMS anytime they want to add a budget or cost code. The update must be received two days before the first letter being sent out.

If SMS does not receive a list of codes the monthly billing report will group postage expenses as one item for the agency.

If mail is sent without a valid agency budget or cost code on the mandatory meter card the postage will be charged to the agency's default account.

How Do I Find Prices of Special Services and Package Shipping?

See the following resources to find pricing for package shipping, mail rates, and special services and pricing:

  • Postage Metering page, which explains how you can arrange for SMS to pick up outgoing mail from your state agency or division agencies and apply postage metering, saving your department time and money
  • USPS Services page, which lists US Postal Services services and pricing
  • UPS Packages page, which lists UPS services and pricing for sending packages