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State Mail Services

Mail Stop database

Mail Stop Abbreviation Agency Address 1 Address 2 Building Extra Search Filter Values
050-02 TOUR Capital Tours, Virginia 1100 Bank St
068-02 USPS Post Office, Capital Station 700 E. Main St
078-02 USPS Post Office, Brook Road 1801 Brook Rd
096-05 USPS Post Office, Ridge Station 10509 Patterson Ave
097-02 CVF Council on Virginia's Future Bell Tower Bell Tower
098-02 VHDA Housing Development Authority, Virginia 601 S. Belvidere St
099-02 VACU Credit Union, Virginia 7500 Boulders View Dr Loading Dock The Boulders
100-02 SVPO Senate of Virginia (Post Office) 900 E. Main St 9th Floor Pocahontas Building
100-04 SFC Finance Committee, Senate Finance 900 E. Main St 14th Floor Pocahontas Building
101-02 HDEL House of Delegates 1000 Bank St Capital Building
101-04 HAC House Appropriations Committee 900 E. Main St 13th Floor Pocahontas Building
107-02 DLS Legislative Services, Division of 900 E. Main St 8th Floor Pocahontas Building
109-02 DLAS Legislative Automated Systems, Division of 900 E. Main St 5th Floor Pocahontas Building
110-02 JLARC Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission 919 E. Main St 21st Floor Suntrust Building
111-02 SUPCT Supreme Court of Virginia 100 N. 9th St 5th Floor
111-03 COA Court of Appeals of Virginia 109 N. 8th Street
117-02 VSB State Bar, Virginia 1111 E. Main St 7th Floor Bank of America Building
119-02 LTGOV Lieutenant Governor, Office of the 102 Governor St 2nd Floor Oliver Hill Building
121-02 GOV Governor, Office of the 1111 E. Broad St 2nd Floor Patrick Henry Building
122-02 DPB Planning and Budget, Department of 1111 E. Broad St 5th Floor Patrick Henry Building
123-02 DMA Military Affairs, Department of 5600 Thundercliff Dr
127-02 DEM Emergency Management, Department of 10501 Trade Ct
129-02 DHRM Human Resource Management, Department of 101 N. 14th St 13th Floor Monroe Building
132-02 SBE Elections, State Board of 1100 Bank St 1st Floor Washington Building
133-02 AOPA Auditor of Public Accounts 101 N. 14th St 8th Floor Monroe Building
136-02 VITA Information Technologies Agency, Virginia 11751 Meadowville Lane Loading Dock
140-02 DCJS Criminal Justice Services (12th Floor) 1100 Bank St 12th Floor Washington Building
140-03 DCJS Criminal Justice Services, Department of 1100 Bank St 9th Floor Washington Building
141-02 OAG Attorney General, Office of the 202 N. 9th St 9th Floor
142-02 VSCC Crime Commission, Virginia State 1111 E. Broad St Basement Patrick Henry Building
146-02 SMV Science Museum of Virginia 2500 W. Broad St
147-02 OSIG Inspector General, Office of the State 101 N. 14th St 7th Floor Monroe Building Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Corruption, Hotline, Integrity, ethical, ethics
148-02 VCA Arts, Virginia Commission for the 600 E. Main St Suite 330 600 Centre
151-02 DOA Accounts, Department of 101 N. 14th St 2nd Floor Monroe Building
152-02 TRS Treasury, Department of the 101 N. 14th St 3rd Floor Monroe Building
154-02 DMV Motor Vehicles, Department of 2300 W. Broad St Loading Dock
156-02 VSP State Police, Virginia 7700 Midlothian Tpke Loading Dock
157-02 CB Compensation Board 102 Governor St 1st Floor Oliver Hill Building
158-02 VRS Retirement System, Virginia 1200 E. Main St VRS Building
160-01 VCSC Criminal Sentencing Commission, Virginia 100 N. 9th St. 5th Floor
161-02 TAX Taxation, Department of 1957 Westmoreland St
165-02 DHCD Housing and Community Development, Department of 600 E. Main St 11th Floor 600 Centre
166-02 SOC Commonwealth, Secretary of the 1111 E. Broad St 4th Floor Patrick Henry Building
166-03 SOCN Secretary of The Commonwealth (Notary) 1111 E. Broad St 1st Floor Patrick Henry Building
171-02 SCC Corporation Commission, State 1300 E. Main St Tyler Building
172-02 VAL Lottery, Virginia 600 E. Main St 12th Floor 600 Centre Building
174-02 VCSP College Savings Plan 9001 Arboretum Parkway
181-02 DOLI Labor and Industry, Department of 600 E. Main St Upper Lobby 600 Centre
182-02 VEC Employment Commission, Virginia 703 E. Main St
184-02 SOTECH Technology, Secretary of 1111 E. Broad St 2nd Floor Patrick Henry Building
191-02 WCC Workers Compensation Commission, Virginia 333 E. Franklin St
191-03 MCI MC Innovations 101 N. 14t St 6Th Floor Monroe Building Workers Compensation Managed Care Innovations
194-01 HRD Human Resources, (DGS) Directors Office 1100 Bank St 4th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-02 (DGS) Fiscal Services 1100 Bank St 5th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-03 DEB Engineering & Buildings, Division of 1100 Bank St 5th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-04 BCOM Capital Outlay Management, Bureau of 1100 Bank St 6th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-05 BFM Facilities Management, Bureau of 1100 Bank St 10th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-06 HR Human Resources 1100 Bank St 4th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-08 DRES Real Estate Services, Division of 1100 Bank St 3rd Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-09 DPS (DGS) Purchase & Supply, Division of 1111 E. Broad St 6th Floor Patrick Henry Building General Services (DGS)
194-10 CPU Procurement Unit, Central 1100 Bank St Suite 724 Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-100 FISCAL (DGS) Fiscal Services (Cashiers Office) 1100 Bank St 5th Floor Washington Building General Services (DGS)
194-11 ISS (DGS) Information, System & Services 101 N. 14th St 16th Floor Monroe Building General Services (DGS)
194-12 OFMS (DGS) Fleet Management Services, Office of 2400 W. Leigh St General Services (DGS)
194-13 DCLS Consolidated Laboratory Services, Division of 600 N. 5th St Loading Dock Labs Building General Services (DGS)
194-14 VDC Distribution Center, Virginia 2400 Riley Ridge Rd General Services (DGS)
194-16 OSPM Surplus Property Management, Office of 1910 Darbytown Rd Surplus Building General Services (DGS)
194-17 PSBA (DGS) Parking Services & Building Access 102 Governor St Lower Terrace Oliver Hill Building General Services (DGS)
194-18 (DGS) Facilities (Grounds), Department of 101 N. 14th St Mezzanine Monroe Building General Services (DGS)
194-19 (DGS) Facilities (Maint.), Department of 100 Bank St 10th Floor General Services (DGS)
194-99 SMS (DGS) Mail, State Mail Services 1910 Darbytown Rd Surplus Building General Services (DGS)
199-02 DCR Conservation and Recreation, Department of 600 E. Main St 24th Floor 600 Centre
199-05 DCR Conservation & Recreation (Parks), Department of 600 E. Main St 4th Floor 600 Centre
199-06 DCR Outdoors Foundation, Virginia 600 E. Main St 4th Floor 600 Centre Conservation & Recreation
201-02 DOE Education, Department of 101 N. 14th St Service Level Monroe Building
202-02 LV Library of Virginia, The 800 E. Broad St Loading Dock
222-02 DPOR Professional & Occupational Regulation, Department of 9960 Mayland Dr 4th Floor Perimeter Center
223-02 DHP Health Professions, Department of 9960 Mayland Dr 3rd Floor Perimeter Center
226-02 BOA Accountancy, Board of 9960 Mayland Dr Suite 402 Perimeter Center
233-02 BBE Bar Examiners, Virginia Board of 2221 W. Broad St Book Binders Building
236-02 VCU Commonwealth University, Virginia 1622 Ownby Ln
238-02 VMFA Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia 200 N. Boulevard
245-02 SCHEV Higher Education for Virginia, State Council of 101 N. 14th St 10th Floor Monroe Building
260-02 VCCS Community College System, Virginia 300 Arboretum Place 2nd Floor
262-02 DARS Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Department for 8004 Franklin Farms Dr 1st Floor
262-03 DDS Center for Career and Business Development 2001 Maywill Dr 2nd Floor Disbility Determination Services
262-04 DDS Disability Determination Services 9960 Mayland Dr 2nd Floor Perimeter Center
263-02 VRCBVI Rehabilitation Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired 401 Azalea Ave
301-02 VDACS Agriculture and Consumer Services, Department of 102 Governor St Ground Floor Oliver Hill Building
310-02 VEDP Economic Development Partnership, Virginia 901 E. Byrd St Loading Dock
320-02 VTA Tourism Corporation, Virginia 901 E. Cary St Suite 107 James Center
326-02 Workforce Council 300 Arboretum Pl Suite 200
350-04 DSBSD Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of 101 N. 14th Street 11th Floor Monroe Building
403-02 DGIF Game and Inland Fisheries, Department of 7870 Villa Park Dr Suite 400
405-02 VRC Racing Commission, Virginia 5707 Huntsman Rd 201-B
409-02 DMME Mines, Minerals and Energy, Department of 1100 Bank St 8th Floor Washington Building
413-02 VASAP Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Commission on 701 E. Franklin St 11th Floor
423-02 DHR Historic Resources, Department of 2801 Kensington Ave
440-02 DEQ Environmental Quality, Department of 629 E. Main St
501-02 VDOT Transportation, Department of 1401 E. Broad St
505-02 DRPT Rail and Public Transportation, Department of 600 E. Main ST 21st Floor 600 Centre
506-02 MVDB Motor Vehicle Dealer Board 2201 W. Broad St Suite 104
601-02 VDH Health, Virginia Department of 109 Governor St Loading Dock Madison Building
601-03 OCM Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the 400 East Jackson St Health (VDH)
601-04 OLC Licensing & Certification, Office of 9960 Mayland Dr 4th Floor Perimeter Center Health (VDH)
601-05 RCHDP Pharmacy (Richmond City Health) 400 E. Cary St 2nd Floor Health (VDH)
601-05 RCHD (VDH) Richmond City Health 400 E. Cary St Health (VDH)
601-06 PHARM Pharmacy 101 N. 14th St S-45 Monroe Building Health (VDH)
601-07 VDHCS Central Supply 101 N. 14th St Basement Monroe Building Health (VDH)
601-09 VITAL Vital Records, Division of 2001 Maywill St 2nd Floor Health (VDH)
601-10 EMS (VDH) Emergency Medical Services 1041 Technology Park Dr Health (VDH)
601-11 (VDH) Immunization, Department of Health 101 N. 14th St 15th Floor Monroe Building Health (VDH)
602-02 DMAS Medical Assistance Services, Department of 600 E. Broad St
606-02 VBPWD People With Disabilities, Virginia Board for 1100 Bank St 7th Floor Washington Building
702-02 DBVI Blind and Vision Impaired, Department for the 397 Azalea Ave
702-03 Blind, Industries for The 1535 High St
720-02 DBHDS Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Dept. of 1220 Bank St 8th Floor Jefferson Building Mental Health
750-02 Correctional Education
751-02 DDHH Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Department for the 1602 Rolling Hills Dr 2nd Floor
765-02 DSS Social Services, Department of 801 E. Main St 5th Floor
766-02 VPB Parole Board, Virginia 6900 Atmore Dr
766-03 PPD1 Probation & Parole District #1 829 Oliver Hill Way
777-02 DJJ Juvenile Justice, Department of 600 E. Main St 14th Floor 600 Centre
778-02 DFS Forensic Science, Department of 700 N. 5th St
799-02 DOC/CA Corrections, Department of 6900 Atmore Dr Loading Dock
820-02 CSPC Capitol Square Preservation Council Bell Tower Bell Tower
839-01 VFHY Foundation for Healthy Youth 701 E. Franklin St 5th Floor
841-02 DOAV Aviation, Department of 5702 Gulfstream Rd
844-02 JHC Joint Commission on Health Care 600 E. Main St 3rd 600 Centre
848-02 IDC Indigent Defense Commission, Virginia 1604 Santa Rosa Road Suite 109
852-02 TICR Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission 701 E. Franklin St 5th Floor
912-02 DVS Veterans Services 101 N. 14th St 17th Floor Monroe Building
912-03 SBVCC Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center 1601 Broad Rock Blvd
912-04 MVMC McGuire VA Medical Center 1201 Broad Rock Blvd Veterans
912-05 VWM War Memorial, Virginia 621 S. Belvidere St Veterans
960-01 DFP Fire Programs, Department of 1005 Technology Park Dr
961-02 DCP Capitol Police, Division of 1100 Bank St 2nd Floor Washington Building
962-02 EDS Employee Dispute Resolution 101 N. 14th Street 13th Floor Monroe Building DHRM
972-02 VRA Resources Authority, Virginia 1111 E. Main St 19th Floor Bank of America Building
999-02 ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control, Department of 2901 Hermitage Rd Loading Dock
151-04 Accounts, Department of (Paragon/Cardinal) 6800 Paragon Place Suite 300 Paragon Office Park DOA, Paragon, Cardinal