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SMS interagency envelopes

Inter-agency (or internal agency or inter office mail) is a free delivery service provided by State Mail Services to state offices located in the Richmond metropolitan area. Inter-agency mail is correspondence sent out by state employees for delivery to SMS mail stops. For a list of locations serviced on a daily basis, see the mail stop lookup. SMS processes inter-agency mail continuously. Mail picked up on a morning route will be delivered to the addressee on the afternoon route. Mail picked up in the afternoon will be delivered the next morning.

Addressing Inter-Agency Mail

To ensure your mail is delivered accurately and quickly, print addresses clearly on the envelope in ink or type and address the envelope as follows (in this example):

• Addressee's Mail Stop Code: 194-02
• Name: John Doe
• Division/Office (if known): Office of State Services
• Floor or Office Number (if known): Room 412
• 'From' and Sender's Mail Stop Code: From 150-04

If you know the addressee's room number you do not need to include the division or office. If complete and accurate information is not included on the inter-agency envelope, your mail delivery may be delayed. It's critical to include the addressee's accurate mail stop code, as they allow for more efficient sorting of internal mail. It's also important to include your mail stop code as a return address so that SMS is able to contact you if there is any problem with delivery.

Use Inter-Office Envelopes

Inter-office envelopes are large 8 ½ x 11 inch envelopes used repeatedly for internal mailings. They have printed areas for you to write in the addressee (recipient) address and the sender's information. When using inter-office envelopes, make sure all previous addresses have been covered up to ensure proper handling and delivery to the intended recipient. The addressee should always appear on the last line. Do not address between previous markings because these envelopes will not be forwarded to our mail system.

Addressing Plain Envelopes for Inter-Office Mail

When it is possible, please use inter-office envelopes to conserve resources. If you use plain envelopes, clearly mark them as inter-agency mail to prevent them from entering the USPS mail stream and prevent from using unnecessary postage. You also can write addresses on the short side of the envelope to avoid confusion. Highlight the address with a highlighter and keep separate from postal mail.

Addressing Parcels and Packages for Inter-Office Mail

SMS will deliver parcels for free to SMS mail stops. The process to address f parcels and packages for internal distribution is the same as for envelopes. Please contact SMS to arrange a special pickup if you are planning on sending large or multiple packages.

Inter-Agency Mail for Virginia Commonwealth University

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