State Mail Services


SMS will pick up outgoing mail from state agencies and apply postage. This service allows agencies to take advantage of the postal expertise at SMS, save money, and eliminate the hassle and expense of owning a postage meter. Agencies are billed only for postage used, allowing agencies to save money and better track their shipping expenses. Submit a request if your agency is interested in starting SMS metering service.

How to Prepare Outgoing Mail for Postage Metering Service

  1. Separate any outgoing mail for postage metering service by budget or cost code then bundle the items with a paper clip, binder clip or rubber band.
  2. Complete and attach a Metered Mail Card to each bundle. Create a separate bundle and use a separate Metered Mail Card for each budget or cost code used.
  3. Ensure all envelopes are facing the same way.
  4. If you want SMS to seal the envelopes, leave the flaps open, nest them into each other and then secure the contents of the envelopes with a rubber band.
    1. Seal up any confidential, valuable, or odd or bulky sized mail before pickup as these types of mail are not eligible for automatic sealing.
  5. Do not mix mail with stamps or no postage necessary envelopes with mail that needs to be metered.

Note: If your mail does not have a completed Metered Mail Card or has incomplete address information, it will be returned to your agency.

How to Prepare Postage Metered Mail for Special Services

SMS provides all the special services that are offered by the USPS. Mail that is using a USPS special service should be bundled separately. Complete the Online Metered Mail Card or print a blank Metered Mail Card and mark the appropriate services. The correct USPS Form should be completed and properly affixed to the mail piece. Submit a request to receive any of the forms with your next inter-agency mail delivery. The cost of these services is added to the postage will be in your monthly SMS invoice. Contact SMS if you have questions about the appropriate service for your delivery need.



SMS Metered Mail Pickup Times

SMS will meter the mail daily at the most efficient rate for the size and type of mail.

SMS will pick up outgoing mail from mail stops at the same time when delivering incoming mail. SMS will process any outbound mail collected during the morning routes at 1:00pm, and any mail collected during the afternoon routes at 4:00pm. SMS will never hold first class mail overnight.

If you have a large mailing, please request a special pickup so that SMS can plan for your project.