State Mail Services


Find out who to call or what to do if your agency needs postal or parcel supplies, such as boxes, international mail or Priority Mail boxes, envelopes, or interoffice envelopes.

Letter or Large Envelopes

Each division is responsible for purchasing their own postal supplies. We recommend setting up a postal account to have the supplies delivered directly to your office. Please check with State Mail Services before purchasing Interoffice envelopes. We keep a supply on hand on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Interoffice or Intra-Agency Envelopes

State Mail Services supplies recycled interoffice or intra-agency envelopes for state divisions to send internal mail to other state divisions in the Richmond metropolitan area. If you need additional interoffice envelopes, request them at or (804) 236-3592.

For more information on inter-agency mail, such as when to use it and how to address envelopes and packages, visit our inter-agency mail page.

Other Items

SMS can provide your division with mail trays and buckets. SMS does not sell or provide stamps.

Please ask your SMS courier or contact us for more information at or (804) 236-3592.