State Mail Services


State Mail Services (SMS) provides inter-agency mail service to Virginia Commonwealth University at VCU's mail processing center, which supports the Monroe Park and the MCV campuses. After receiving inter-agency mail, the VCU mail system will handle delivery to recipients' campus boxes. Please refer to the VCU Mail website for proper Mail Stop Codes.

How to Send Inter-Agency Mail to VCU

When possible, use inter-agency envelopes. If you use plain envelopes clearly mark them as inter-agency to prevent them from entering the USPS mail stream and incurring unnecessary postage charges. You can also write addresses parallel to the short side of the envelope to avoid confusion.
Use the following format:
• VCU's Mail Stop Code: 236-02
• Name: John Doe
• VCU Department: Office of State Services
• Six Digit Campus / PO Box Number:
• 'From' and Sender's Mail Stop Code: From 150-04

Street addresses, building names, and room numbers are not necessary and will delay delivery. Please consult the VCU people search to look up campus mail box numbers.

How to Send Inter-Agency Mail from VCU

When possible, use inter-agency envelopes.
Use the following format:
• Addressee's Mail Stop Code: 194-02
• Name: John Doe
• Division/Office (if known): Office of State Services
• Floor or Office (if known): Room 41
• 'From VCU' and Sender's Campus / PO Box: From VCU Box 842512
• 'State Mail': State Mail