State Mail Services


The Office of Surplus Property Management's Recycling Assistance Program offers recycling of printer and ink cartridges, free for any state agency. They collect cartridges for ink jet printers (black and color), laser printers and fax machines for recycling. State Mail Services can pick up and ship your toner cartridges, and requests that you provide us with notification if it's a large shipment.

How to Ship Printer or Toner Cartridges

There are a few ways you can ship the cartridges for recycling.

Mail the cartridges directly to the recycler from your location with postage-paid mailing labels.
Request self-addressed, postage-paid labels from the OSPM to mail your cartridges to our recycler.

  • Email your request for labels to Floyd Coburn or to OSPM. Include a complete mailing address, contact name, email address and phone number.
  • Your division will provide the cardboard shipping boxes (reuse any boxes from your work site)
  • There is a 30-pound minimum weight requirement to ship ink cartridges to the recycler, using any combination of cartridges per label/shipping box. For example, 30 pounds equals about 15 toner cartridges or 120 ink jet cartridges.
  • UPS is the most efficient median to ship the cartridges back to Surplus for any agency outside of the Richmond Metro Area.

Mail ink cartridges to OSPM

If you are located in the Richmond metro area, mail cartridges through Interoffice State Mail to:

  • Printer Cartridge Recycling, Department of General Services, Office of Surplus Property Management, 1910 Darbytown Road, Richmond, Virginia 23231
  • Notify State Mail Services that you'll have a special pick up of toner cartridges so that we can prepare ahead of time for your large shipment. The most efficient way to dispose of your cartridges is to place up to 3 cartridges at a time with your outgoing interagency mail.
  • If the package is over 70 pounds, State Mail Services will not be able to pick up the package.