Division of Engineering & Buildings


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Division of Engineering & Buildings

The professional and administrative staff of the Division of Engineering & Buildings (DEB) support the DEB Director in his legislatively-mandated role as the Building Official for State Buildings. The Division is also charged with assisting the Department of Planning and Budget in the capital budgeting process. 

DEB is responsible for:

  • Enforcing the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code to assure compliance with life safety and code requirements in design and construction
  • Providing building code, cost and procurement reviews of proposed state agency construction and capital outlay projects
  • Developing policies, procedures, standards, forms, and other documents for the procurement of professional and construction services by state agencies
  • Authoring and maintaining the Commonwealth of Virginia's Construction and Professional Services Manual (CPSM)
  • Providing training and guidance on the proper application of Construction and Professional Services Manual requirements