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BITS User Account Request (UAR) Forms

  • Requests for access to the BITS application must be submitted using User Account Request (UAR) forms.
  • Prospective BITS users must have their completed UAR forms approved and submitted by their agency's designated Agency Access Coordinator (AAC).  A listing of current Agency Access Coordinators is provided on the BITS AAC Forms page.
  • Please note there are several versions of UAR forms.  "UAR Form A"  is the appropriate application form for most BITS users.  SFMO, central agency, and DPB BITS users must complete UAR Forms B, C or D, as noted below.
  • When a BITS user supports other agencies, a unique UAR form must be completed for for each agency the individual  serves.  The UAR form must be approved by the AAC for the supported agency.

Download BITS UAR Forms