Division of Engineering & Buildings


This page contains information for agencies regarding the pool funding process and listings of pool-funded projects.  For process assistance, please contact the BCOM Cost Reviewer assigned to your agency.

Each year, agencies enter Capital Budget Requests (CBRs) in the Performance Budgeting System (PB).  The Cost Review section of BCOM reviews the submittals and makes a cost recommendation in PB.

After BCOM reviews the CBRs in PB, Pools are formed based on the group of projects they are to fund. The goal is to “right-size” project budgets to ensure that agencies have enough funds to execute the project and debt is not created that will not be used.

Projects that are selected for funding are included in either a Detailed Planning Pool or a Construction Pool.  Detailed Planning Pools provide funds for agencies to develop the design through the end of the Preliminary phase.  This amount includes funds to cover architectural and engineering fees, consultant fees, project management fees, as well as other costs.  Construction Pools provide funds for implementation of the whole project including; design, construction, and FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment).

All Pool Funded projects are subject to the BCOM Cost Review process.  This includes a Schematic Cost Review, at which the agency receives feedback from BCOM regarding cost targets.  The process also includes a Cost Review at the Preliminary Phase.  For projects that are included in a Construction Pool, BCOM makes a cost recommendation to the Six-Year Capital Outlay Plan Advisory Committee (6-PAC) established pursuant to § 2.2-1516. at the end of the Preliminary Phase.   The 6-PAC then authorizes construction funding for the project. This process ensures that the pools remain solvent to provide funds for all intended projects.

BCOM also provides general cost assistance to agencies upon request.  In addition to posting the Cost Database Summary on the BCOM website, the Cost Review section of BCOM will query the database for construction and project costs for a particular building type and provide it to you in Excel or PDF format.