Division of Engineering & Buildings


Annual Permits are issued at the sole discretion of the Building Official to an Agency Representative with authority defined by the Building Permit Policy and as modified by the issued Annual Permit.

Annual Permits are described in CPSM Section and CPSM Appendix P, Building Permit Policy.

A Project Permit issued by the Agency Representative is required for work in accord with the 2015 Virginia Construction Code Section 110.2, Types of Permits.

Construction document requirements for work performed under the Annual Permit are identified in the Building Permit Policy.  These construction documents shall be kept on file at the Physical Plant office of the agency for review by the State Building Official and/or Regional Fire Marshal's Office, but are not required to be submitted to the State Building Official for review.

The agency shall submit an Annual Permit Activity Report for work issued or completed as of December 31st of each year by January 31st of the following year.

For questions regarding the Annual Permit process, please contact Steven Matsko at 804-371-7548 or steven.matsko@dgs.virginia.gov.