Division of Engineering & Buildings


Appendix P of the Construction and Professional Services Manual (CPSM) provides the Building Permit Policy for Commonwealth of Virginia projects under the jurisdiction of the Division of Engineering and Buildings.

Building Permits and Certificates of Use and Occupancy are processed using the Building Information Tracking System (BITS), a DGS web-enabled computer application.  In addition to buildings constructed on site, Building Permits and Certificates are also required for industrialized buildings, manufactured homes, and towers.  Refer to the About BITS page for a listing of the various BITS form types to use for each Permit or Certificate application. 

A Building Permit issued by the State Building Official is required for work in accord with the 2012 VUSBC Section 108, Application for Permit and the CPSM. The requirement for a Building Permit is determined by the type or character of the work only and is not impacted by the type of funding or program area.

Construction documents shall be prepared under the supervision of and signed and sealed by a registered Architect or Engineer and submitted for review to the Division of Engineering & Buildings (DEB). Commencing construction without a proper Building Permit is a violation of the Building Code.

All projects receiving a Building Permit must also be closed out in accordance with CPSM Section Projects involving new construction, additions or changes of use will require a CO-13.3 (Certificate of Use and Occupancy) form while projects consisting of renovation work or projects with no new construction or change of use will require a CO-13.4 (Building Permit Close Out) form. Supporting documentation must be provided at the time of completion as stated on the Building Permit. Occupancy or Use without a proper Certificate or Close Out form is a violation of the Building Code.

For questions regarding the Building Permit process please contact the DEB Lead Reviewer assigned to the project-owning agency.