Division of Engineering & Buildings


The Division of Engineering & Buildings (DEB) reviews and permits towers constructed on Commonwealth of Virginia property. This includes new towers used for cellular, wireless broadband, and other purposes and as well as the addition of antennas or other modifications to existing structures.  DEB also reviews related items such as equipment buildings or emergency generators.

Permits for Construction Procured by State Agencies 

Review and permitting fees for towers procured by state agencies for their own use, or for use by other state agencies, are billed to the state agency on whose property the tower is located. The fees are billed through the Division’s normal monthly billing process at the internal service fund hourly rate approved by the General Assembly. DEB’s review process commences upon receipt of the plans and specifications. Tower and associated structure data is entered into BITS by the state agency for processing of the tower's Building Permit and Certificate of Use by DEB.

Permits for Construction Procured by Non-State Agencies


Review and permitting fees for towers procured by non-state entities (e.g., telecommunications companies, tower providers, etc.) are billed directly to the non-state procuring entity. Fees are currently as follows:

      1. New tower (including associated equipment building, if submitted with tower):  $2,500.00
      2. Addition or replacement of antennas and associated equipment to an existing tower:  $1,500.00
      3. Equipment building, if submitted separately:  $1,000.00

The original fee will include up to two (2) reviews and the processing of the Building Permit and Certificate of Use. Additional fees will be charged for any project requiring more than two (2) reviews.

Fees will be invoiced and payment must be received prior to the initiation of DEB's review process. 

Lease Coordination:

Prior to requesting a Building Permit from DEB, the non-state entity should coordinate with  the land owning agency to determine a specific, mutually agreeable site and with the appropriate Real Estate entity (e.g., DGS's Division of Real Estate and Facilities Management or the applicable university's real estate group) regarding lease requirements. If a new or modified lease is required, DEB's Building Official reviews can be completed prior to lease execution, but a Building Permit will not be issued until the lease has been executed.

Application for Review and Permit:

To request a Building Permit, complete and return the Application for Building Official Review and Permitting Services. Upon receipt of the application, the DEB Billings Administrator will email an invoice with payment instructions and a Technical Questionnaire. The non-state entity makes payment, completes the Building Official Review and Permitting - Technical Questionnaire, and submits a document review package. The review process will commence following the receipt of payment and document submission. After DEB's review and approval, copies of the approved documents will be issued to both the procuring entity and the state agency owning the property on which the tower is located.

DEB Contacts

Tower Projects Lead Reviewer:

Rachel Shelton, (804) 786-4179 or Rachel.Shelton@dgs.virginia.gov

DEB Billings Administrator:

Amanda Lee, (804) 786-0402 or Amanda.Lee@dgs.virginia.gov